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Is it Worth it? The Value of Christian Education

By Chris Eppling, Vice President of Student Services | 01/17/2019

The value proposition of higher education by and large is under question in many circles. Within the biblical worldview, there seem to be two competing ideas: an aversion to debt and a hope that we can better our lives through learning and education according to biblical principles. In today’s culture, these seem conflicting. Is Christian…

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Don’t Fret: Six Ways to Overcome Anxiety

By Dr. Rick Fowler | 01/03/2019

We live in troubled times. Since life is so uncertain, how do we work thorough the anxiety created by the economy, a relationship breakdown, or a sudden health concern? To answer this question, we need to address three questions. First, what is worry? Second, how does worry affect us? And third, how can one overcome…

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10 Tips to Help Hoarders

By Jenny Gregory and Dr. Fowler | 12/13/2018

I don’t know about you, but with the holidays among us, there seems to be more “stuff” accumulating in our house. Perhaps you too may feel overwhelmed with all the clutter. Dr. Rick Fowler, Professor of Psychology for the Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling, provides ten helpful tips for those who may…


Seven Ways to Make Your Senior Year Count

By Jordan Haney | 08/14/2018

YOU did it! This is your last year as an undergrad college student! The past three years have helped to mold and shape you into who you are today. Now that you are a senior, how will you make this year count? There are so many opportunities to better yourself and make a difference in…

Advice from Parents: Preparing for the College Goodbye

By Jenny Gregory | 08/01/2018

By Jenny Gregory (with the help of some veteran moms and dads) It seems like yesterday your son or daughter was saying their first words and taking those first steps. Fast forward what feels like a few hours, and he is embarking on one of the biggest journeys – college. As a mom, the thought…

Nine Things I Learned from College That Were Not Taught in a Textbook

By Jenny Gregory | 03/05/2018

by Jordan Haney College. A word which brings feelings of nostalgia for alumni and anticipation of new beginnings for high school seniors. For me, the more I think about it, the harder it is to believe that in just a few months, I will be finishing college and walking across the stage to receive my…

Freshman Fitness 101: Six Ways to Stay Fit in College

By Jenny Gregory | 11/28/2017

By Jenny Gregory Now that you’re settled into your first semester of college, you’ve probably realized just how easy it is for stress to creep into your life — especially if you have all-night study sessions. Skipping meals or eating unhealthy foods is often a result of the busyness and stress. Those witty Snickers’ commercials…

The Top 10 Things You DO NOT Want to Forget When Packing for College

By Jenny Gregory | 07/24/2017

By: Jenny Gregory (with some helpful advice from Truett McConnell University upperclassmen) Packing for college can be pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. It requires a lot of foresight to get everything you need for a year away from home! Aside from the usual suspects (sheets, shower shoes, fridge, etc.), our college…

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