College life can often seem like the same endless cycle of papers, projects, and let’s not forget EXAMS! With due dates having a tendency to all fall within the same week, stress levels can rise. Take a break sometime this week to de-stress and try a new activity with your friends.

  1. Hike in the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains

Truett McConnell University (TMU) is perfectly located near many beautiful North Georgia hikes and trails. Why not take advantage of the convenient location during your time here to adventure outside?

For an incredible view of Helen, GA and the surrounding areas, climb to the summit of Mount Yonah, which is located less than fifteen minutes away from campus. If you wish to see a waterfall, try Duke’s Creek Falls or Anna Ruby Falls, which are both located near Helen.

If you’re willing to travel forty minutes, Preacher’s Rock is said to be one of the most rewarding hikes on the Appalachian trail, with a moderately-difficult but short hike exchanged for a view of a deep valley and scenic mountains.

  1. Find Hidden Treasures at Thrift Shops or Antique Stores

Not only is TMU located near many popular hiking trails, but thrift shops and antique stores are also fun attractions near campus.

Rachel Cowan, Junior business major at TMU and thrifting enthusiast said, “We often forget to take joy in the little things in life. But you never know what hidden treasures you may find when you enter a thrift store. Thrifting is a great way to temporarily divert your mind from school when you need a break.”

Cowan’s favorite thrift stores in the area are Community Thrift and His Hands and Feet Ministry Thrift Store, which are both located less than a mile from TMU.

  1. Play Disc Golf

Last spring, TMU opened a nine-hole disc golf course on the university’s campus. This course provides an excellent recreational sport opportunity for friend groups.

Aver Dowdle, Junior Christian Studies Major, said, “Getting outdoors and enjoying God’s creation is such fun and easy way to take a break from the many stresses of school life! We live in the beautiful mountains of Georgia, and we have a great opportunity at our disposal to explore them while playing disc golf on this very campus. It is an activity that doesn’t cost anything to play, and it gets people out and active. Especially as we are moving away from the scorching summer, there is no better time than now to give it a try!”

  1. Organize a Game Night

Whether it’s an UNO tournament or a grueling game of Monopoly, game nights are a fun way to channel your school stress into a different activity. Gather a group of your friends tonight to determine who really is the board game champion.

If you left your cards and board games at home, do not fear! The Student Wellness center allows students to check out games like Catan, Phase Ten, Banana Grams, and more, by simply leaving your student ID at the front desk.

  1. Visit a Coffee Shop

If you need to de-stress but also need to continue your studies, consider moving to a different location to complete your assignments. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee order as a reward for all your hard work!

Simon Oxenham writes in an article for the New that the background noise of a coffee shop, as well as being surrounded by others who are working, helps people be more productive. Try out the “coffee-shop effect” for yourself this week!

  1. Hold a Video Game Tournament

According to Elizabeth Scott’s article for, research exists that links playing video games with reduced stress. Cooperative gaming, in which players work together to complete challenges, reduces stress even further.

Get your friends together and divide into teams or individuals to try out this de-stressing activity.

  1. Take a Daytrip to a Nearby City

TMU is located just a few hours from many famous cities of the South. Hop in a car with all your friends and take a mini-vacation to Knoxville TN, Asheville NC, or Covington GA.

Montana Farquhar, a Junior psychology major and travel-lover said, “One of my favorite things to do to get away from the stress of school is to visit Athens, which is only an hour and fifteen minutes away from TMU. There’s fun places to picnic and a boba tea shop that I love.”

Which de-stressing activity will you try this week?


Anna is a senior English major and Content Writer for TMU’s Marketing and Communications.

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