Staying Connected with Truett McConnell University

Over the years, Truett McConnell University has evolved in many ways, yet its core commitment to eternal principles remains unchanged. This steadfast dedication continues to make TMU a truly special place.


We Invite You to Join Us!

There are several exciting ways you can be part of the incredible work happening at TMU:

Remember: Keep our university, including students, faculty, administration, staff, and fellow alumni, in your prayers. Consider making a gift to support TMU’s mission.
Return: Visit your alma mater to reconnect and expand your Truett McConnell University network.
Recruit: Encourage your friends and family to consider TMU as their university of choice.
Represent: As an alum, you are a vital ambassador, sharing TMU’s story and the transformative work happening on campus.

Together, we can support and uplift each other and our university, ensuring TMU continues to thrive and fulfill its mission.

The next time you’re in the North Georgia Mountains, come by and visit. We would love to show you around and share the exciting developments at your alma mater.

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