For 70 years, Truett McConnell University has provided an experience to students built upon the following four pillars: love the Lord, love His Word, love the Church, and love the lost.

Why attend TMU?

TMU strives to equip students to fulfill the Great Commission. We accomplish this by fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically-centered education in a family friendly environment. Enabled by our strong core values, we work to carry out this mission every single day.

Whether you are called to teach, called to heal, called to preach, or still searching for what God has called you to do, TMU offers 30 undergraduate and 4 graduate degree programs all available in our low ration campus classes or our user-friendly online classroom portals.

A unique experience like no other.

From its humble beginnings in a building that now stands as a hardware store, TMU stands today on more than 200 acres in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Georgia. This serene setting provides not only academic excellence, but a place to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re enjoying intramurals or worshipping at the chapel, you’ll find great experiences and a close-knit community like no other. TMU is all about developing a love for the Lord and a passion to carry out his work! We hope you will make your way to the mountains and come see what sets us apart from the rest.