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The TMU counseling center’s mission is to provide biblically centered, compassionate, and informative mental health services that holistically guide the mental health of the student body. The TMU counseling center will provide free weekly on campus sessions to students and bi-monthly mental health seminars for faculty and staff to allow the campus to prioritize student’s mental health in the classroom, dorm room, and counseling room.

The Truett McConnell University Counseling Center provides a nurturing and safe environment where students can explore, grow, and heal within the framework of Christian values and principles. We are committed to normalizing mental health, ensuring that seeking counseling services is embraced as a natural part of personal growth and well-being. Individual counseling services are provided by interns who are pre-licensed and under the supervision of the clinical director of the counseling center, Dr. Susanne Thurber, LPC CPCS. GA LPC#009152.

Through educational meetings and tools, we aim to equip our faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and support students in need of mental health assistance. Utilizing compassion and empathy, we strive to create a campus community where mental health is destigmatized and prioritized.

Our foundation is rooted in faith, compassion, empathy, and professionalism. We are dedicated to offering confidential, non-judgmental counseling services that empower students to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace. Our goal is to walk alongside each individual on their journey towards healing, spiritual growth, and fulfillment of the Great Commission.


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Counseling Center Location

The Counseling Center is located in upstairs portion of the Hood Building.

All services are free to students.