Why the Truth Matters

A University Offering Students and Families a Degree of Certainty.

What should matter the most when deciding on a college—a place that will influence your ideas, friendships, worldview, career, character, and deepest beliefs? Will the college you attend equip you in these ultimate things? Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” He is the living Word of God and over 2000-years later, the Bible still outsells every college text and remains a sacred syllabus offering the most clarity on your future.

For over 75 years, Truett McConnell University, from our 256-acre mountainside campus, has prepared generations of students.

We’ve done it the same way all these years…teaching the Bible as the timeless, inerrant, and absolute Truth; sufficient for wayfinding and sensemaking in this life with certainty! That is the very definition of Higher Education.

Our faculty and staff want you to graduate with Faith Fluency™ — the ability to make Christ known in any career field and fulfill the Great Commission. Likewise, we want you to earn the Career Credentials™ you’ll need to turn pro and have standout marketplace skills in the field of your choosing. But that’s only the beginning…

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Life at TMU

We are radicals, adventurers, truth-seekers, earth-shakers. We love the Lord because He has loved us. We love His word because by it we understand His immortal truth. We love His Church because we are His body being honed to enact change on behalf of the Creator. We love the lost because Jesus has died for every single person and yearns to adopt them into our family. Charged to share this incredible gift to all that would hear, to the ends of the earth. #wearetmu

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