Holding Fast to What is True

By Alexa Miller | 10/19/2020

If you’ve been on social media or watch the news, chances are you’ve experienced many and mixed emotions. The feelings we find ourselves exhibiting have become the chant of 2020:…

8 Ways to Conquer the Mid-Semester Slump

By Zach Walker | 10/13/2020

Lately, I’ve been feeling the workload picking up for me as we go through finals and completing more involved assignments. On top of that, it can be hard to manage…

Mountain Perks: Outdoor Opportunities During a Pandemic

By Dr. Robert Bowen | 08/27/2020

There is no question that the campus is a little different this fall. There is also no question that 2020 should never be repeated…ever. For the current college generation, 2020…

The Top 10 Things You DO NOT Want to Forget When Packing for College

By Jenny Gregory (with some helpful advice from TMU upperclassmen) | 08/03/2020

Packing for college can be pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. It requires a lot of foresight to get everything you need for a year away from…

Advice from Parents: Preparing for the College Goodbye

By Jenny Gregory (with the help of some veteran moms and dads) | 08/02/2020
Family on Campus

It seems like yesterday your son or daughter was saying their first words and taking those first steps. Fast forward what feels like a few hours, and he is embarking…

My College Experience: Five things I learned my first year

By Zach Walker | 07/27/2020

I had a great first year at Truett McConnell University, and I also learned a lot. There are several lessons that I would like to share with students entering college…