Having Gone: Advice from TMU’s Dean of Theology & Missions

By Dr. Maël Disseau | 02/07/2019

The great commission calls us to make disciples (Matt 28) and proclaim the gospel (Mark 16) having gone (Aorist Participle supporting an Aorist Active Imperative). For some, having gone means that God has called them to leave their homeland to go to another country. With Christmas behind us, you probably heard of or contributed to…

Avoid Being a Statistic: 3 Things Every Christian Student Should Do

By Alexa Miller | 02/04/2019

If you are a student reading this, I have no doubt you are able to testify that college gets busy and there are many days when you wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. Unfortunately, it’s during this time of “busyness” that the urgent gets placed above the important. Meaning, our spiritual…

Once Upon a Hill: How the Cross Came to Stand on the Hill of TMU

By Rev. Michael E. Holdredge | 01/24/2019
The Cross

The following includes a written account of the events supplied by Rev. Michael E. Holdredge (class of 1967). The entire document may be found in the Cofer Library of Truett McConnell University. “For most youth, the transition from high school to college is both exciting and fearful. It was not different for me during the…

Is it Worth it? The Value of Christian Education

By Chris Eppling, Vice President of Student Services | 01/17/2019
Christian Institution

The value proposition of higher education by and large is under question in many circles. Within the biblical worldview, there seem to be two competing ideas: an aversion to debt and a hope that we can better our lives through learning and education according to biblical principles. In today’s culture, these seem conflicting. Is Christian…

Don’t Fret: Six Ways to Overcome Anxiety

By Dr. Rick Fowler | 01/03/2019
TMU Students Study

We live in troubled times. Since life is so uncertain, how do we work thorough the anxiety created by the economy, a relationship breakdown, or a sudden health concern? To answer this question, we need to address three questions. First, what is worry? Second, how does worry affect us? And third, how can one overcome…

10 Tips to Help Hoarders

By Jenny Gregory and Dr. Fowler | 12/13/2018

I don’t know about you, but with the holidays among us, there seems to be more “stuff” accumulating in our house. Perhaps you too may feel overwhelmed with all the clutter. Dr. Rick Fowler, Professor of Psychology for the Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling, provides ten helpful tips for those who may…