The Top 10 Things You DO NOT Want to Forget When Packing for College

By Jenny Gregory (with some helpful advice from TMU upperclassmen) | 07/19/2021
Move In

Packing for college can be pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. It requires a lot of foresight to get everything you need for a year away from…

International Women’s Day

By Dr. Candi Finch | 03/08/2021

International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women. While there are aspects of this day that have taken on a decidedly unbiblical…

Night to Shine-Thru Gifts a Treasured Memory

By Anna Skudarnova | 02/14/2021

This year, Tim Tebow Foundation’s annual Night to Shine took place in the form of “Shine-Thru” events in churches all around the world. As in years before, Truett McConnell University…

Self-Care—Is it Biblical?

By Dr. Natalie Ford | 02/09/2021

There has been a lot of debate when it comes to self-care. Isn’t it selfish to take care of myself? Doesn’t the Bible say to love your neighbor as yourself?…

Don’t Fret: Six Ways to Overcome Anxiety

By Dr. Rick Fowler | 12/29/2020

We live in troubled times. Since life is so uncertain, how do we work thorough the anxiety created by the economy, a relationship breakdown, or a sudden health concern? To…

Holding Fast to What is True

By Alexa Miller | 10/19/2020

If you’ve been on social media or watch the news, chances are you’ve experienced many and mixed emotions. The feelings we find ourselves exhibiting have become the chant of 2020:…