So you’ve booked a private tour or you’ve signed up for Preview Day but you’re not sure what to expect? Here are our top five tips to help you make the most of your day.

1. Write Out a List of Questions Before You Come

The night before your tour or during your drive to Truett McConnell University (TMU), draft a list of questions you may have about the school, campus life, or a specific degree program. Having a list of questions handy on a slip of paper (parents) or on your phone (students) can help you have the confidence that you won’t leave with any question unanswered. Keep in mind that whether you are attending a Preview Day or participating in a private tour, you will have the chance to meet admissions counselors, current students, and future professors during your time on campus. If you’re not sure who to ask to get an answer to a certain question, don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide at any time and they will be happy to direct you to someone who can help.

2. Head to the Nix Student Center

Whether you live close by, or you’ve driven across multiple states to visit TMU, you will need to know where to go for your private tour or Preview Day. As soon as you drive onto campus you will be stopped by the security guard booth at the entrance. Just let our security guards know that you’re here for a campus tour and they will direct you to park at the Nix Student Center, which is the first building on the right. As soon as you walk through the doors of the Nix Student Center, our admissions team will be there to greet you.

Prospective students and their families explore campus.

3. Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

Any visit to campus includes a walking tour, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Don’t worry, we tackle the hills of campus nice and slow and take plenty of stops to tell you about our dorms, share the stories behind the Gate and the Bell, and enter various buildings. Climbing the hills of campus will all be worth it when you experience the view from the Cross.

4. Pause to Take Pictures at the Cross

TMU visitors pose for a picture at the Cross.

The Cross is the highest point at TMU from which you can see all of campus. Make sure to take a moment to enjoy the view. You can even ask your tour guide to take a picture of your group. You won’t regret it! If you decide to make TMU your home, it will be fun to compare your first picture at the Cross with all the ones to follow (because trust us, there will be so many more pictures taken at the Cross).

5. Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Most Important

Remember that list of questions you were supposed to write? What if you forget how someone answered a question? Or, upon arriving back home, you forget an important detail that your tour guide shared with you. (Did they say washers and dryers were free to use, or should I start collecting quarters from now till August?) Have no fear! During your campus visit you will meet plenty of contacts whom you can email to ask any questions even after you go home.

It’s important to remember that while your tour guide may share many details about TMU with you, the most important aspects of your campus visit will be hard to forget. The beauty of our campus, the culture of the school, and the people you meet will leave you with a lasting impression of TMU.

Many students tell us that a visit to TMU became a deciding factor in their college search. We hope the same will be true for you!

(Hint: the washers and dryers are actually free to use. No quarters needed! Just don’t forget a laundry basket and detergent!)


Anna Skudarnova is a senior English major and content writer for the TMU Marketing and Communications Department.

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