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Education Major Enjoys Student Life at TMU

By Jenny Gregory | 03/18/2019

Education major Maritess Melber shares why the Student Wellness Center (SWC) and Student Life activities are some of her favorite things about TMU.

Radical Reformation Day: Our Anabaptist Heritage

By Jenny Gregory | 03/14/2019

During this week’s chapel service at Truett McConnell University (TMU), former Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Paige Patterson presented the annual lecture series known as Radical Reformation Day. Before he began his sermon, TMU President Dr. Emir Caner introduced Radical Reformation Day, and its centering around Anabaptists like Balthasar Hubmaier who was responsible for initiating…

Dr. and Mrs. Paige Patterson Honored at Radical Reformation Day Lecture Series

By Jenny Gregory | 03/14/2019

During the annual Radical Reformation Day chapel service on March 12, Truett McConnell University Dean of the Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions Dr. Maël Disseau, presented Dr. and Mrs. Paige Patterson with a proclamation plaque. Disseau read the following proclamation to the Pattersons. “Whereas Dr. and Mrs. Patterson have dedicated their lives to…

Paige and Dorothy Patterson

Dean of Theology and Missions Explains His Hope for Students at TMU

By Jenny Gregory | 03/12/2019

Dr. Maël Disseau, Dean of The Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions and Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies says, “We are not just here to help them [students] grow in their faith, but we are also here to help them worship God with their minds.” ###

TMU Alum Leads Seminar on Generation Z Students

By Jenny Gregory | 03/05/2019

Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling will host a free  public seminar on those who are in the Generation Z gap, this Thursday, March 7. Ben Garrison, TMU alum and high school pastor at Christ Place Church of Flowery Branch will be speaking on XYZ Leadership: Helping Generation X…

Ben Garrison

Mike Huckabee to Speak at Todd Starnes Faith and Freedom Celebration at TMU

By Jenny Gregory | 03/05/2019

Fox News’ Todd Starnes will host the second annual Faith and Freedom Celebration with guest speaker and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee along with gospel artist Jake Cowley on the Truett McConnell University (TMU) campus, Saturday, April 6. Huckabee is the author of several best-selling books, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, a public speaker, and a political…

Mike Huckabee

TMU Student Challenged by Great Commission Minor

By Jenny Gregory | 03/05/2019

For students like Colin Ulrich, the Great Commission minor (all students receive at TMU) challenges him to recognize his world view as he shares the Gospel with others.

Colin Ulrich

TMU Offers 37 Hour Concentration in the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

By Jenny Gregory | 03/04/2019

Beginning fall of 2019, Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling will begin offering a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling degree with just 37 hours of courses to complete the program. The unique courses in this Counseling Ministry (CM) concentration provide students with knowledge about psychological theory, counseling techniques,…

School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling to Offer “Exceptional Children’s Week” Seminars

By Jenny Gregory | 03/01/2019

Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling, along with White County Schools, will offer several free and public seminars throughout the month of March during Exceptional Children’s Week. ADHD seminar What’s the problem, I understand me: How those with ADHD think, communicate, and socialize. This seminar is specifically designed for those…

Networking 101

TMU Offers New Graduate and Undergraduate Women’s Studies Concentrations

By Jenny Gregory | 02/19/2019

Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions announced new concentrations in Women’s Studies for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and the Master of Arts in Theology degree programs. The concentration is now open to any female in the TMU Christian Studies or Theology program, and its classes are available…

Women's Concentration at TMU

TMU to Host STEM Day for Prospective High School Students

By Jenny Gregory | 02/19/2019

Truett McConnell University (TMU) will welcome prospective high school students to its third STEM Day experience on Thursday, March 14, beginning at 10:30 a.m. STEM Day, sponsored by the Pilgram Marpeck School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in collaboration with the office of Admissions, is a one-day event providing prospective high school students…

My First Experience at a Night to Shine

By Alexa Miller | 02/14/2019

Awe-Inspiring! Unforgettable! Humbling! Life-Changing! All of these words (and more) were used to describe The Tim Tebow Foundation’s™ Night to Shine that took place at Hopewell Baptist Church on February 8. Night to Shine is a prom-night experience for those with special needs, allowing the opportunity to dress up, socialize, and dance the night away.…

Night to Shine

Caner Speaks of Religious Liberty on Starnes Country News Show

By Jenny Gregory | 02/14/2019

Truett McConnell University (TMU) president Dr. Emir Caner spoke this week with Todd Starnes on his syndicated talk show, Starnes Country. Caner, along with Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, discussed the several topics including religious liberty and the pro-life stance of TMU. “One of the things we have to do as universities,…

TMU School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling Hosts Free ADHD Seminar

By Jenny Gregory | 02/13/2019

Are you a teacher or parent who interacts with a child that has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and finds it difficult to deeply connect with this person? Would you like tips on how you can help them with school work and to achieve all of their goals in life? Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Leonhard…

TMU Associate Dean to Speak at Regional Instructional Development Conference

By Jenny Gregory | 02/12/2019

Truett McConnell University (TMU) Associate Dean and Assistant Professor for The Michael Sattler School of Public Service J. Marie Griffin-Taylor was invited to speak at the Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium (SRFIDC) annual conference, March 6 – 8, 2019. The SRFIDC is an organization of faculty and instructional development programs and departments in…