“Our motto is ‘One team, One family,'” says TMU Softball Player

By Jenny Gregory | 07/09/2019
Sarah Wills

Biology major and TMU softball player Sarah Ruth Wills shares the importance of her team’s slogan: “One team, One family.” 

“You’ll hear it here,” says Dean of Humanities

By Jenny Gregory | 06/25/2019
Dr. Justus

“The fact that they (Congress) would authorize the publication of the Bible…you don’t hear that in other schools, but you’ll hear it here,” said Dr. Michael Justus, Dean and Professor of History for The Conrad Grebel School of The Humanities.

“It’s more than academics,” says TMU Student

By Jenny Gregory | 06/18/2019

TMU student Elizabeth Legg explains how learning at Truett McConnell is not just about academics, but also learning in a biblical setting.

STEM Professor Explains Importance of Biblical Worldview

By Jenny Gregory | 06/11/2019

“Having this Biblical worldview helps us understand things like disease, death, pain and suffering–are all a result of living in this fallen world,” said Dr. Andrew Fabich, Associate Professor of Microbiology.

Prayer Before the Storm: Remembering D-Day

By John Thomas Justus | 06/06/2019

Seventy-five years ago, today, the Allies of World War II undertook the most ambitious and perilous offensive in world history. Over 150,000 troops stormed five beachheads in Normandy, France in an attempt to break through the entrenched German defenses. The Germans had successfully pushed out the British only four years before at Dunkirk and were…

Assoc. Dean of Criminal Justice Boasts of School’s Faculty

By Jenny Gregory | 06/04/2019

“All of our professors have a minimum of ten years experience in the field that they teach,” says Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice J. Marie Griffin-Taylor.