Academic Seal

The Academic Seal is the most formal representation of the Truett McConnell University (TMU) brand, and its use requires express permission by the Vice President of Academic Services.

Full color academic seal

Review guidelines and request to download the Academic Seal.

Word mark

Horizontal word mark in navy and gold

Review guidelines and download the Truett McConnell word mark.


Word mark – emblem lockup

Horizontal word mark - emblem lockup in navy and gold

Review guidelines and download the Truett McConnell word mark – emblem lockup.


Word mark – monogram lockup

Horizontal word mark emblem in navy and gold

Review guidelines and download the Truett McConnell word mark – monogram lockup.


Bear head – monogram lockup

Bear head-TMU monogram lockup

Review guidelines and download the Bear head – monogram lockup.

School Logos

The Reilin & Salmen School of Nursing logo
Vertical stack
The Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology & Missions logo
Horizontal stack

To request the use of a school logo, email with the following information:

  • The school
  • Vertical or Horizontal preference
  • A description as to how the logo will be used

Email Signatures

Email signatures are an effective way to promote brand awareness and consistency. The email signatures below should be in all official email communications. Examples of official messages are group emails to all students or employees and any email sent to a user external to Truett McConnell University. Email for assistance with creating and installing your email signature.

Institutional email signature screenshot
Example of an institutional email signature

Install an email signature in M.S. Outlook.


PowerPoint Templates

It is preferable to use TMU branded PowerPoint templates whenever presenting on behalf of the university. You may download and install a TMU template, including background options of gold, navy and white, by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Presentation Themes folder in Dropbox.
  2. Select a background color by clicking on the file that contains Gold, Navy or White.
  3. Click Download–>Direct Download.
  4. Open PowerPoint and click File–>New OR Blank Presentation.
  5. Click Design and then click the down arrow to the right of the theme options.
  6. Click Browse for Themes, find the theme that you downloaded to your computer, select and click Apply.
  7. Save your PowerPoint presentation to your computer and create content and new slides.


Our slogan, ‘From the very first verse to the very last tribe,’ acknowledges Truett McConnell’s commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture and our emphasis on sharing the Gospel with every nation, two principles that set us apart from both secular and other Christian universities. As a design element, our tagline should always be written in our official typography as shown below. Designers may request to download and use the slogan by contacting

From the very first verse to the very last tribe

The Four Pillars

Students are taught to love the Lord, love the Word, love the Church and love the lost, which are the four foundational pillars of Truett McConnell University. The icons below should be used tastefully throughout publication pieces, always with proper context. Designers may request to download and use the four pillars by contacting
cross icon Bible icon Church icon lamb icon


gold triangleOur brand is unique and versatile. Like many other influential brands, we use a number of simple design elements in creative ways as a tool to better tell our story. One way we do so is through the use of triangular shapes. These triangles can be used in many ways, from a repetitive background element (provided the identity components are in no way obscured) to a tasteful overlay.

Why triangles?

  • Triangles are a simple shape, which is an important part of good design, and represent significant elements of our identity.
  • Triangles lend themselves to the simplified mountain shape, a call back to the history of Truett McConnell’s founding: a bible college for mountain preachers and to the school’s original mascot as well as the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountain setting.
  • Triangles also have three points which often represent the Triune Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Triangles represent directional movement, namely upward, in which we believe both the growth of the school and our focus lie.