Move In Do’s and Don’ts

Moving into a college dorm can be a daunting task for any incoming freshmen. It can be difficult to determine what is necessary to bring and what can be left at home with limited space in your dorm room. Even if you’ve watched a thousand YouTube videos about the “perfect” packing suggestions, you can still end up with a list a mile long. Our Student Life team has worked to compile a list that would be excellent when packing for your upcoming move.

Do Bring:

– Bed sheets, pillows, pillowcase, bedspread, blanket

Health and Hygiene:

– Toiletries, shower cady, shower shoes, towel, wash cloth

Cleaning Supplies:

– Laundry bag, detergent, iron, ironing board, hangers, air freshener, broom, sponge, multipurpose cleaner

Study Supplies:

– Pen/pencils, paper, notebooks, calculator, computer, desk lamp

Eating Supplies:

– Plastic dishes, plastic utensils, individual coffee maker, coffee supplies, compact mini refrigerator, plastic containers, water bottle.


– First aid kit, cold medicine, thermometer, tissues, flashlight, insurance papers, sewing kit, trashcan, surge protector, television, extension cord, umbrella, rainboots, curtain rod, (tension type only), rug, carpet.

Things to Consider:

– Insure your belongings. TMU is not responsible for the security of your personal property. Please record all pertinent information concerning your valuables (model #, serial #, etc.). Bring your health insurance and car insurance information.

DO NOT Bring:

– Electrical appliances with exposed coils, air conditioner, coolers, space heaters, toaster ovens, slow cookers, grease cookers, electric skillets, hot plates, or appliances with a steady electrical current.

– Pets, guns, weapons of any kind, knives longer than 2” total length (kitchen knives are permitted in housing with kitchens).

– Water beds, darts, dart boards, nails, screws, alcohol.

– Drugs, tobacco & vapes

– Posters and paraphernalia that advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco or lewd/vulgar things in any manner.

Measurements and Things to Know

Room and Window Sizes:


– Garrison and Merritt Halls (15’ X 12’)

– Sewell and Hall (15’ X 12’)

– Otwell Hall (12’ X 12’)

– Cleveland Courts (15’ X 12’)

– Wood Hall (13’ X 11’)

Window Sizes:

– Garrison and Merritt (51” X 48”)

– Sewell and Otwell Halls (62” X 30”)

– Cleveland Courts (46” X 38”)

– Wood Hall (49” X 38”)