Spiritual vitality is a key aspect of campus life at Truett McConnell University.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the center of every aspect of life and seek to foster a Christian worldview in everything we do. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we offer many opportunities on both an individualized and corporate level to join others as you seek to grow closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to get familiar with and engage in the ministry and mission opportunities that are right for you.

Community Groups

Community groups are TMU’s small group setting for personal discipleship.  Groups are organized in both residence halls and in our campus community at large.  Groups are normally student-led and use prayer, Bible study, accountability and outreach to promote fellowship, build community and foster spiritual growth. All students are encouraged to become active participants in one of our community groups.

Questions about community groups can be directed to Student Development at ext. 4103.

Local Churches

The region surrounding Truett McConnell University offers several local churches for students to connect with.  These churches are eager to welcome TMU students to worship and serve in their congregations, and we encourage students to find local church homes while attending TMU. Therefore, the university maintains a list of like-minded churches for students’ convenience.

Questions about local churches can be directed to Student Development at ext. 4103.

MOVE Teams and Missions Opportunities

The World Missions Center at TMU offers various MOVE teams, which are designed to prepare you to serve others locally, as well as missions opportunities for more national and global ministry.  Through MOVE Teams, which include but are not limited to prayer teams, and ministry to Foster Care families, the homeless, and the TMU family, students are able to shine the light of Christ in many ways. To learn more, visit the World Missions Center.