The Counseling Center provides weekly counseling services for students from 9-5:30pm Monday-Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Counseling Center will offer telehealth services as needed during the Summer and Winter semesters from 8-4:30pm.

On Campus Students (Residential or Commuter) are eligible to receive free counseling sessions. The following limits have been set to ensure that all on campus students have an opportunity to access the counseling center. The tier into which a student falls into will be determined by the Counseling Center Staff.

Tier 1 – 6 sessions per academic year (3 per semester)

Tier 2 – 16 sessions per academic year (8 per semester)

If you are a student who would benefit from longer-term or specialized treatment, we may refer you to a provider in the community.

We can help students find a qualified professional available in the community, even if you are not working with one of our counselors.

Call us at 706-865-2134 ex 2428


DISCLAIMER: This directory of community practitioners is provided for convenience and informational use only. User is responsible for evaluating and selecting their own health care providers, as well as responsible for all costs associated with care. Carefully review insurance benefits and confirm provider accepts your insurance plan before receiving care. The counselors provided for off-campus mental health are not directly affiliated with the Truett McConnell University Counseling Center.