We understand that promotional items, apparel and uniforms require various logo file types and have differing vendor restrictions.  The general asset request form found under Assets may not provide the correct files the requirements needed for every order. The office of Marketing and Communications is available to create appropriate custom files and provide guidance for their use upon request.

Published asset guidelines should be used for all instances, but there are situations where it’s more feasible and/or appropriate to make allowances.  Common allowances include:

Separating lockups.

In general, lockups (word marks with monogram or emblem) should not be separated. If they are separated, the two items must be in close proximity of each other. An example is the use of the emblem on the pocket area of a t-shirt with the words Truett McConnell University (or TMU word mark) on the sleeve of that same t-shirt.

Using the monogram or emblem without the word mark.

There are some items too small for the full TMU monogram – word mark lock or the full emblem – word mark lockup.  An example may include a tie pin. Please consult our office to discuss alternative solutions when in doubt.

Logos represent and promote the institution. Using the emblem and monogram with “Truett McConnell University” will help external constituents become more familiar with our marks.