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New Updates for COVID protocol as of August 20, 2020 

Masks: Masks are not required in most areas of campus. However, students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks in any setting in which they are with other people and social distancing cannot be guaranteed. Masks are required for those attending events in our larger, private venues, including the SWC (Chapel services), Odell Hall (Sanctuary), and Sewell-Plunket Hall.In addition, due to some of our high-risk faculty members, certain seating areas in the classrooms may require students to wear masks. That information will be included in each course syllabus. Students will need to comply with the requirement according to a particular faculty member’s syllabus. We recommend that students carry a mask on their person at all times, because it may be needed from time to time. Disposable masks will be available for purchase in The Outpost Campus Store for $1.00. All are advised to bring his or her own mask to campus, to suit their preferences in style, type, and comfort.

What if I get sick? What will I have to do?

Students in residence halls experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (such as loss/change of taste or smell, fever of 100.4 or above, or other Covid-related symptoms)should report to their RA immediately, day or night, and send an email to Residential students with COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated in a temporary location until a family member can come to campus to get them, unless they choose to drive home themselves immediately. Focused sanitization will occur in areas where residents resided who developed COVID-19 symptoms. We requirethat all students,including commuters, self-report immediately upon exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms by emailing We will contact all students who quarantine, or are tested for COVID-19, regarding gaining approval from TMU Administration to return to campus.

Quarantine/COVID-19 Testing: If any member of the campus community (students, faculty or staff) experiences symptoms that warrant a COVID-19 test, or the member chooses to be tested for COVID-19, then he or she will be required to quarantine from home. On-campus students will be provided a temporary (less than 24-hours) safe place to quarantine on campus, if needed, until family can take the student home, if student chooses not to drive themselves. As would be the case in most settings, there will be nuances as to how this process will look for different populations on campus. Employees, per CDC guidelines, will quarantine for 10-days from a positive test or from the onset of symptoms. In order for an employee to return to campus life, he or she will need to be symptom-free for at least 24 hours at the end of the 10-day quarantine. The employee will need to communicate that information with his or her immediate supervisor and the TMU Human Resources Office in order to be cleared to return to work.

For students to return to campus, in addition to the 10-day quarantine period with no symptoms for at least the final 24 hours of that period, they must receive documented medical clearance from a medical professional. We advise medical clearance from a student’s personal physician. However, we do have TMU contracted medical professionals that may provide clearance for all students (A student seeking medical clearance through TMU may email SportsMedicine@truett.eduto schedule an appointment). Please note, if a student travels back to campus to be cleared by a TMU contracted medical professional, and they are still exhibiting symptoms at the end of the quarantine period, they will not be allowed to return to campus life and will be sent back home until they can achieve medical clearance. At this time, a mandatory negative COVID-19 test will not be required.

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