Dr. Robert S. Bowen, Dean of The Pilgram Marpeck School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has been appointed to serve on the Education Committee for the American Physiological Society.

Bowen, who is also an Associate Professor of Physiology for The School of STEM, will begin his three-year term this fall with twelve other physiologists and experimental biologists.

“Our ability to survive and thrive in complex and changing environments is vitally important for health, medicine, and performance,” said Bowen. “The work of physiologists across the globe inside and outside of laboratories and classrooms has, for centuries, solved unique health, environmental, and societal issues. Physiology has long been the centerpiece of biology and is what connects all living organisms together in commonality of function. Without competent and well-trained physiologists, a gaping hole will exist in the biological sciences.”

“I am very excited to use the platform of the APS Education Committee to continue to develop educational opportunities that will promote the science of physiology and build a new generation of physiologists set to discover the beauty and wonder of living systems,” Bowen added.

As a member of this education committee, Bowen and other members will be tasked with developing educational and leadership opportunities related to physiology and promoting development of the next generation of physiologists and medical practitioners.

The committee will also work to promote and support undergraduate physiology education. These efforts will include: development of programs and awards for undergraduate research, providing continuing education to physiologists through journals and courses, and the development of online interactive materials.

“Service to a professional society is an integral and important part of life within the academy,” said Bowen. “Serving on the Education Committee will allow Truett McConnell University to extend her reach deeper into the scientific community, the national research enterprise, and the American Physiological Society as a whole.”


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for TMU’s Marketing and Communications.

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