The Truett McConnell University Hans Hut School of Business in collaboration with the Michael Sattler School of Public Service has added a public administration concentration to its Master of Business of Administration program, which is offered entirely online.

Business professionals who are considering working in the public sector – from human resources, department managers, and city or county managers – can benefit from this concentration as it is comprised of both business and public administration.

“The concentration is designed for individuals who are interested in having the flexibility to work in either the public or private sector,” said Dean of the School of Business Dr. Katherine Hyatt. “Some public service employees including police and fire fighters may work for twenty years until they are eligible for retirement and then take a job in the private sector in business. Often, these individuals need an advanced degree for promotion to a higher rank as well.”

“These courses enhance the potential job opportunities for our students, as they allow greater perspective on the diversity of needs and resource availability between private and public organizations,” said Dean of The School of Public Service J. Marie Griffin-Taylor.

“Both public and private arenas require specificity,” added Griffin-Taylor, “making the introduction of the concentration courses a valuable asset for public administration professionals and the entities they serve.”

With the implementation of this new online concentration, Truett McConnell University continues to provide our students with the pathways to answer their calling while offering relevant, applicable, and innovative courses.

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Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for TMU’s Marketing and Communications.

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