By: Jenny Gregory

Cleveland, Ga. – New construction at Truett McConnell University (TMU) means additional parking. Crews are working to develop over 175 new parking spaces on the university campus just in time for fall semester.

The new parking spaces will be located adjacent to the George Blaurock Student Wellness Center (SWC), across from the upperclassmen dormitory hall and in front of Miller Hall. These spaces will increase parking options for residential and commuter students, visitors and employees and increase the number of accessible parking spots.

The new expansion will also provide considerable parking for events to be held at the SWC, including student activities, sporting events and graduation ceremonies. Additionally, it will open up space for the influx of students enrolling in one of the new master’s degree programs launching this fall.

“The money placed into this addition of parking [funded by the SWC development program] has been a direct response to student issues on the subject of parking,” said Mr. Chris Eppling, Vice President for Student Services and Associate Professor of Christian Studies.

“We love our students and want to improve their life in recreation, education and parking. Our goal, from the building to the parking lot, is to provide a better experience for all,” he added.

Eppling shared that the lots are expected to be open and in use for the first day of fall 2017 classes, August 16.

For more information, visit: Automobiles and Parking


Jenny Gregory is the Content Manager for Truett McConnell University.

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