Students are allowed to operate automobiles on campus, provided they comply with vehicle regulation, parking and other regulations as determined by the Vice President for Student Services. A full description of automobile regulations may be found in the Student Handbook or by viewing the TMU Automobile Policy. Students must show valid driver’s license and proof of insurance when registering vehicles.


Every person who operates a vehicle on the campus of Truett McConnell University is required to obey all city ordinances and state laws relating to the operation, insuring and registration of motor vehicles. A citation will be issued to anyone who violates any such law or ordinance, or any regulation of Truett McConnell University. Each violation will result in a $25.00 fine unless otherwise noted. These fines will be added to the student’s bill through the Business Office.

Registration Violations

  1. Failure to register a motor vehicle on the first day the vehicle is on campus.
  2. Failure to display a permit.
  3. Improperly displaying a permit.
  4. Displaying more than one permit.

Parking Violations

  1. campus and parking map
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    Parking in a space reserved for another class of permit. The restricted areas in front of the Miller Building, adjacent to the bell, are never available to students. Exceptions: After 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. each day, students may park at the pool, at the lower dining hall, in the commuter lots near the Driskell Building, between the gym and the chapel, and Cofer Library as space permits.

  2. Parking in a space marked “Handicapped” or “Visitor.”
  3. Parking in any space where parking is prohibited by signs or yellow or red curbs.
  4. Parking in a space marked “Reserved.”
  5. Parking on grassy areas.
  6. Blocking a driveway or an entrance/exit space of any building, including the gymnasium entrance and residence hall walkways.
  7. Double parking.
  8. Blocking another vehicle.
  9. Parking in more than one space in marked parking areas.
  10. Parking between the Miller Building and the Otwell and Merritt Residence Halls (fire lane).
  11. Parking on President’s Drive is prohibited at all times.
  12. Parking in the President’s parking spot in front of the Miller Building.* (This parking spot is reserved twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.)
  13. Student cannot at any time park in the upper Dining Hall lot or the exit road from the Dining Hall. No parking outside of a marked parking space.

* $75 fine for this violation.

Moving Violations

  1. Driving on campus before 1700 (5:00 pm)
  2. Driving in excess of speed limit. (15 m.p.h. campus-wide)
  3. Driving in a careless, reckless, or imprudent manner. ($50.00 fine)
  4. Failure to stop at stop sign.
  5. Permitting careless, reckless, or imprudent behavior by passengers. This shall include riding on the outside of the vehicle, riding in the trunk of a vehicle, or hanging out of a vehicle. ($50.00 fine)
  6. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet. (Driver or Passenger)
  7. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street.
  8. Driving across any grass or sidewalk.
  9. Operating or occupying a moving motor vehicle without wearing a seatbelt.
  10. Using a cell phone while driving on campus.

Violation Appeals

Campus Safety officers are authorized to issue citations for violations or turn incidents over to local law enforcement. Motor vehicle privileges will be suspended for any person who receives more than three citations during an academic year. Violations may be appealed completing the Violation Appeal Form.