by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) – Are you ready to get fit? Get healthy? Raise money for The Rock? Truett-McConnell will be launching the TrueFit campaign this April to allow anyone the opportunity to get fit while raising money for the upcoming 69,000 square foot, George Blaurock Student Recreation Center, set to break ground summer, 2015.

Gary Jarnagin, Director of Financial Development at Truett-McConnell, has been looking forward to launching TrueFit saying, “The TrueFit program in April will enable people from around the world to raise their fitness quotient and support Truett-McConnell College through their supporter’s donations.” He added, “I can think of no other opportunity which benefits both the participant and the College.”

TrueFit is an easy and enjoyable experience that allows personal and team challenges while raising money. Teams can have a minimum of five people and a maximum of 12 people. All teams must have at least three people from these categories: Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Other.

Zach Smith, Senior at Truett-McConnell, shared his excitement on the TrueFit campaign: “As a student, I look for the TrueFit campaign to bring competition out in the students that is different than the regular intramural sporting events,” he said. “TrueFit will offer students an ability to gain support through teams to be more active and motivate them individually to set goals physically.”

Getting started

How does it work? First, decide if you would like to participate in a group or individually. Then:

-Go to:
-Sign-up and register your custom race page.
-Download the fitRaise App to your iPhone or Android device.
-Click on the TrueFit raise race
-Get ready to exercise! Run, Walk or Cycle as much as you want during the racing period of April 1 (midnight) to April 30 (midnight).

From the website, you can tell everyone why you support the Truett-McConnell College TrueFit campaign and then invite people to pledge an amount to donate for each mile that you complete during the race. Run, walk or cycle anywhere, anytime to log your distance. You MUST have the app on your device with you anytime you are participating in the race.

When you are finished, the pledges will be calculated and TMC will be able to put all funds towards the Student Recreation Center.

Student services have also planned on joining in the fun with cool prizes for winning teams and single racers. They also plan to organize college-wide runs like a Glow Run, Princess/Disney Character Run, and an America themed run to name a few.

A healthy experience

“I am excited to have an event that will challenge my ambition and my physical being to become more active and stay active,” Smith said when asked about how he plans to get involved. “I plan to set a goal high enough to challenge myself more than I feel confident to meet,” he added.

The funds will benefit the SRC building, which will also promote a healthy well-being for Truett-McConnell and the local community.

While approaching graduation, Smith’s excitement for the new student recreation center is still high: “Although I will not witness this facility with only a few months left here at Truett, I’m excited for those to follow to have an amazing facility that I always dreamed to have on this campus,” he said.

The TrueFit campaign will bring unity to the school and the community. Jarnagin puts it best by saying: “On your mark, get set, get fit: True fit!”

For more questions on TrueFit or to get more info on signing up, please contact Zach Smith with the TMC Advancement at

For a direct link to the TrueFit donation login, please CLICK HERE.


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