JULY 2007

 Jim and Margie Webb
(Jim Webb—class of 1960; Margie Allison Webb—class of 1961)

      In 1959, Margie Allison from Gainesville, GA, was a freshman at Truett-McConnell, and Jim Webb from Atlanta was a sophomore. They were introduced to each other by Dan Blackwell, a classmate at TMC, one night beside the old Blue Goose (the TMC school bus) in front of the Miller Building on the campus. Margie says, “Jim had led the music at the vespers service that night, and I thought he looked like a really nice guy. It turned out that he WAS a really nice guy, and I married him!”
      Following their graduation from Truett-McConnell and then Mercer in 1962, Jim and Margie were married; they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in June 2007. Jim joined the United States Air Force in the fall of 1962 and served five years. During that time, he was assigned to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Thule Air Base in Greenland, and Payne Field in Seattle. 
      After he left the Air Force, Jim attended law school and practiced real estate law in the Atlanta area, retiring in 2000. Margie’s primary career was as a homemaker and mom to two daughters. When the girls entered high school, she began working for the Cobb County School System and worked for 20 years in various divisions of the school system. She retired in 2004 from her position as secretary to the Executive Director of Leadership Development for the system.
      The Webbs are proud of their two daughters. The older is Lorrie, who is married and the mother of two sons. The family lives in Irmo, South Carolina, where her husband is Senior Vice President, Corporate Real EstateServices, at First Citizens Bank of South Carolina. Lorrie is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools both sons. In Margie’s words, “Lorrie takes her home schooling career very seriously.” The family is active in New Heights Church in Columbia, SC.
      The younger daughter is Vicki (a member of the TMC graduating class of 1989), who is married and the mother of seven children (five sons and two daughters). Vicki’s husband is a minister and Dean of Southeastern College, Wake Forest, NC. Margie says, “Needless to say, Vicki’s career is that of being a mother, and she also home schools her children.”
      When Jim Webb left the Air Force, he and Margie settled in Smyrna, GA, and lived there from 1967 until 2004. After both of them had retired, they decided to move to Gainesville, GA, where Margie had grown up, to be closer to her elderly parents. Margie’s mom passed away in March 2007, and she is now caring for her 89-year-old dad.
      The Webbs say they have enjoyed living in the Gainesville area, where they have been able to re-connect with Margie’s old school friends. One of their favorite activities is having lunch once a month with the Main Street Gang, a group of people with whom Margie attended elementary school. 
      Jim and Margie Webb are members of Central Baptist Church in Gainesville, Margie’s childhood church. Last fall a group of people who grew up at Central in the 1950s and 1960s decided to have a reunion. They formed a planning committee and got busy trying to locate people who had known each other in the youth program of Central Baptist Church in those two decades. Says Margie, “God poured out his blessings on that day when over 200 former youth of Central Baptist Church turned up, and we had a wonderful reunion. It was so enjoyable that everyone wanted to have another one—so Jim and I are currently working on the 2007 reunion of former youth of Central Baptist Church.” In addition to that project, Jim and Margie also lead the Central Lights, the senior citizens group of the church.
      In addition to all of this, they enjoy periodic get-togethers of a group of former students of Truett-McConnell in the 1960s. Both Jim and Margie helped with planning the 45th TMC reunion for Jim’s class and for Margie’s class the next year. During that time, all members of the planning committees worked diligently to locate former classmates at TMC. Each one of the reunions included the class before and the class after because all of the classes were very close-knit, just like a family.
      Following the highly successful reunions, the former students wanted to stay more closely in touch, so Margie now uses e-mail as a tool to try to keep the group together. She sends out periodic updates about classmates and activities involving the groups. Say the Webbs: “We want to continue the connection and try to meet at least once each year and more often when possible. We also want to continue to be supportive of Truett-McConnell College.”
      Jim and Margie Webb are loyal alumni of Truett-McConnell College. They comment: “Thanks to Jack and Louise Holcomb, Truett-McConnell will always be a special place to us. In addition to the awe-inspiring location, TMC provided excellent training for our future careers, an ideal place to grow and mature as Christians, and wonderful lifelong friends.”
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