Photography is one of the best tools for visually telling a story, while creating a direct and powerful connection between individuals and the University.

Truett McConnell’s Office of Marketing and Communications documents life at Truett McConnell and provides the images for marketing materials used by various University divisions.

When selecting photos, please choose images carefully based on the following guidelines:

  • Photographs should be high quality and professional.
  • Photographs should directly represent aspects of Truett McConnell, such as its students, professors, campus, facilities, apparel, etc.
  • To convey a sense of belonging, individuals in photographs should be engaged in an activity or interacting with others in the following environments: classroom/studying, student events/socializing, and athletic events/cheering on the Truett McConnell Bears.
  • Use a variety of shots that display student interaction as well as campus facilities in use by students.
  • Images may also represent seasons of the year in order to establish the diversity of campus life.
  • When using campus photos, architectural structures or interior shots provide a sense of connection to the University.
  • In accordance with the University population and student-to-professor ratios, images should represent racial, gender, age, academic, and professional diversity, when applicable.
  • Photos must adhere to the dress code of the University.
  • Do not use imagery of students wearing apparel from other schools; it is preferred that they wear Truett McConnell gear (or have the other branding removed via Photoshop.)

Photography may also be grouped into many of the following categories:

  • Athletics
  • Christian & Community Service
  • Commencement and major events
  • Facility shots and campus scenery
  • Humanities/arts and culture
  • Missions
  • Leadership
  • Chapel
  • Educational/teaching settings
  • Seasonal images
  • Spirituality
  • Student life
  • Teaching and learning

If you would like to request photography services, whether you are in need of an event photographer or you need us to help you find a specific photograph, please email at least two weeks in advance. With your photography request, include date(s), time(s), deadline(s), a description of the desired outcome, and the media the photo(s) will be used. We will work to provide a photographer as available.

NOTE: if you would like to request a head shot for the directory, visit Website.