I’m convinced that this coronavirus outbreak is possibly the greatest outreach opportunity for the church worldwide. The coronavirus has covered the globe and, thus, brought missions to our own turf. The church needs to respond to the current situation sensibly and centered around the gospel.  Here are some things we should be doing during this time of worldwide panic.

  1. Put together a medical missions team in your church for a local response (kind of like Samaritan’s Purse, but a local effort). The beauty of such a team is that infectious disease outbreaks happen on a regular basis.  Having something in place will simply mobilize the church moving forward.
  2. Purchase as many personal hygiene products that are currently in high demand. We need to quit making memes about the shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer worldwide and begin to realize that people perceive these items as a need. Churches should stock up on these supplies for distribution to their local communities. Ideas for distribution include taking supplies to your community or put together fliers indicating that your church is distributing free personal hygiene products. And if people quit overbuying these supplies, why wouldn’t the church not use the same items for themselves during our weekly services? It just makes sense to promote good personal hygiene because it is ultimately derived from a biblical worldview.
  3. Have someone that’s creative and biblical write a tract for distribution to each person receiving the personal hygiene products. What a travesty to meet people’s physical needs and neglect to tell them about their most important spiritual need: a relationship with the Creator Redeemer Jesus Christ. Here’s an idea of how to put together a tract right now.

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus, so why should the church remain silent and not offer solutions instead of bemoan the current panic.  The church is called to be salt and light to this world (Mat. 5:13-14). We can be salt by promoting personal hygiene during this time of crisis.  And we can be light to those in spiritual darkness, exposing their sin problem and sharing Christ. I feel like we’ve left behind an important song in our hymnal that applies to our current situation.

“Rescue the perishing
Care for the dying
Jesus is merciful
Jesus will save”


Dr. Andrew Fabich is an Associate Professor of Microbiology for TMU’s School of STEM.

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