To help lower the costs of tuition and fees paid out of pocket, we highly suggest looking at and applying for outside scholarships. These scholarships can help cover tuition costs when institutional, federal, and state funds do not completely cover these costs, leaving the student with an outstanding balance. There are millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships available that go unawarded each year. We urge you to apply for these funds, as donors are eager to help students further their education.

We encourage students to visit the following free scholarship search sites.  The inclusion or exclusion of a particular web site should not be interpreted as an endorsement or lack thereof by Truett McConnell University.  You, the consumer, are responsible for doing your own research and making your own evaluations of any available product, service or resource. We strongly urge you not to pay an individual or a firm to assist you in locating potential scholarships.

Outside scholarships are offered by various companies or donors, many of which can be found on scholarship search engines such as:

For reviews of search engines and general outside scholarship search tips, visit and Scholarship Tips from Great Lakes.

If you have been accepted to TMU and have a Student ID Number, please log on to our Student Financial Aid Portal, Net Partner, for additional outside scholarship opportunities.