What is Institutional Financial Aid?

Institutional financial aid represents the grants and scholarships offered to students by TMU. These scholarships are available according to a wide range of criteria which include academic achievement, program of study, and even sibling discounts. Check out the Undergraduate 2024-2025 Institutional Financial Aid Table to learn more about the many financial aid opportunities offered at TMU.

Donor Funding Scholarship Opportunities

TMU students may also be eligible for funded and/or endowed scholarship opportunities, which are provided to the institution by outside donors. These funds vary from year to year and are awarded on a first-come first-served basis.  Criteria for these scholarships include but are not limited to having significant financial need (considers FAFSA information and out of pocket student costs), academic achievement, program of study, demographic factors, etc.

These funds are typically awarded beginning in February of each year, for the following year of enrollment. Returning students must have completed all required financial aid applications in order to be eligible for fund consideration each year. Incoming students must be accepted and enrolled for the following year of enrollment and must have completed all required financial aid applications.

Still Have Questions?

The office of Financial Aid is available to help answer any questions you might have about available scholarships or the financial aid process. We’re committed to helping you fulfill the call of God on your life. Contact the Truett McConnell University Office of Financial Aid by phone at 706-865-2134, ext. 4199, or by email at financialaid@truett.edu.