The Felix Manz School of Music

The Felix Manz School of Music at Truett McConnell University endeavors to provide each student with a solid, disciplined study of music that is built upon a Christian Worldview.

The faculty leads with significant experience and desires that students grow in wisdom and in their pursuit of excellence, resulting ultimately in a refined calling focused on impacting the world for Christ on whatever musical path taken after graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. in Music is designed for students who demonstrate aptitude or music study and features a broad focus on music through historical, theoretical, and performance studies. Each concentration contains a major in a selected area of music with a strong component of liberal arts courses.

Concentration in General Music

Designed for students planning a career in performance, higher education teaching, or other areas of music.

Concentration in Worship and Church Music

Designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to study music for a career in church music and worship, both in the traditional and contemporary worship setting. The degree program also contains a concentration of courses designed to train students in church music.

Concentration in Business Studies

Designed for students planning a career in business and/or administration in which music plays a significant role – industry, entrepreneurial, or church ministry. The degree program contains a major in a selected performance area of music (vocal, instrumental, keyboard), a strong component of liberal arts courses, and a concentration in business studies (guided electives).

Bachelor of Science in Music Education

Designed to prepare students to impact the Kingdom of God through their work within public and private school systems. Music Education careers include: elementary, middle or high school music, band or chorus teacher

An audition is required for acceptance into the Music Division as a music major.