Hans Denck School of Communication

Communication is a fundamental part of being human. The God who spoke the universe into existence also created us as speaking beings. Considered an essential part of a liberal arts education for more than two millennia, the study of communication remains the leading field of study in the humanities. During the great age of classical learning, the Roman orator Quintilian said that a proper education ought to create “the good man speaking well.”

The Hans Denck School of Communication joins the best of classical learning in rhetoric and persuasion with modern communication theory and presentation literacies to prepare our graduates to speak and write in such a way that people will have good reason to listen to, believe, and act on what they have to say. Courses in the degree program focus on the theory and practice of researching, organizing, and delivering informative and persuasive messages—essential skills for leadership in the church, in your career, and in society.