Student Life Leadership Council

Send – Local, National, International Missions

Equip – Discipleship Groups, Prayer Events, Mentorship

Serve – Activities, Tournaments, Youth Group Events

Called – Chapel Alter Calls, Worship Nights, Worship at the Cross

Student Life Leadership Council

The Student Life Leadership Council at Truett McConnell University is a dynamic group of student leaders and staff dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, community engagement, and leadership development among TMU students.

Under the pillars of “Send, Equip, Serve, and Called,” the council is committed to local, national, and international missions, providing opportunities for students to engage in outreach and make a difference in surrounding communities.

Through discipleship groups, prayer events, and mentorship programs, we will aim to equip students with the tools and structure necessary for deepening their faith and personal growth.

The council also emphasizes service through organizing activities, tournaments, and events for local youth groups, promoting a spirit of giving back and community involvement.

Finally, they facilitate spiritual experiences through chapel altar calls, worship nights, and worship at the cross, providing spaces for students to answer their callings and deepen their relationship with God.

Personal Quotes

  • I’m Michael Gilmore, the send team leader on the SLLC. Getting to serve God at Truett McConnell University is such a blessing, and I’m blessed I can be of service to those at Truett and those outside. I can’t wait to unite with others to help fulfill Gods mission to build the kingdom and win others over for Christ.

  • My name is Lee-R Railey, I will be serving on the called team in chapel services and other worship events on campus. Serving as a leader on this team is such a privilege and I am honored to fill this position. I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do through this team next year. I know He will do amazing things. 

  • Hi! I’m Makayla, and I will be leading the equip team next semester! I chose Truett two years ago because they emphasize a Christian atmosphere, while also striving to incorporate Biblical truth in every component on campus. I’m thrilled to partner in this vision by preparing places for community and discipleship!

  • My name is Chandler, and I am a nonprofit management major. I am very excited to be the serve team leaver because I get to help students around campus have more fun by planning and running events and actives. I’m thrilled to see how God will grow our community this year through our student life team!