Give to see this vision a reality

The Danny E. Watters Village is a renewed vision of what we originally called The Danny Watters Retreat and Renewal Center. We are praying and planning to build a community of individual cottages for pastors and those in vocational ministry to come and retreat from the challenges of daily ministry. Each cottage will be fully furnished for an individual or a family to find a quiet place to renew their relationship to God and one another. The demand for such a outreach to those in vocational ministry is great and Truett McConnell University could use your help. Contact the Office of Financial Development at 706-865-2134, ext. 3801 for more information.


The heart of Truett McConnell University President Dr. Emir Caner has always been, “We will never have strong schools until we have strong churches.” Much of that strength for the local church comes from pastors and vocational ministers who are strong in the Lord and strong in their personal lives.

Possible rendering of cabin in the future Danny E. Watters Village
Possible rendering of cabin in the future Danny E. Watters Village

The Plan

To provide a quiet place where those in ministry can come to be alone with God and their family … and rest.

The Purpose

In the heart of 240 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Truett McConnell University is providing a place of peace for the purpose of inviting the servant of God to retreat and be renewed in body, soul, and spirit.

The Price

Each cottage in the Danny E. Watters Village will cost approximately $100,000. Your generous gifts will allow us to begin as soon as possible this vital outreach to those in vocational ministry.

The Promise

The promise of Truett McConnell University and the Danny E. Watters Village is to create a peaceful and restful setting where those who come will find the comfort and peace they seek from God.

Why Provide This Retreat Center?

of pastors have been betrayed, falsely accused or hurt by their trusted friends
of pastors battle depression
of pastors feel discouraged
of pastors’ families feel the pressure of the ministry

The pastor who has been giving out, is the pastor who is wearing out!
— Dr. Michael Lewis, Senior Pastor of Roswell Street Baptist Church

The Legacy of Danny E. Watters

Danny Watters Headshot Rev. Danny E. Watters was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend to Georgia and Southern Baptist pastors and churches. His service to the Georgia Baptist Church Ministry Relations department of the Georgia Baptist Convention impacted the lives of hundreds of churches and vocational ministers.

“No one I have ever known cared more for pastors and their families than Danny Watters. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Danny knew more pastors and was known by more pastors throughout the Southern Baptist Convention than anyone I’ve ever known. Danny was a true brother in Christ whom I loved deeply and will always treasure the friendship that we shared.”

— Dr. J. Robert White, Past Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board

“I am thrilled Truett McConnell University is building the Danny E. Watters Village. Through these cottages, Bro. Danny will continue to minister to preachers and their wives. Truly, “He being dead, yet speaketh.” This is a project we can all enthusiastically endorse and support.”

— Jerry Vines, Pastor-Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida; Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention; President, Jerry Vines Ministries, Inc.

About Danny Watters

Danny was born in Cedartown, Ga on September 7, 1948. He was the oldest of four boys. Although he wasn’t carried to church by his parents, God always provided a way to church. His grandmother Adeline Brown was very instrumental in his spiritual growth. As young boy at Cedartown Junior High, Jerry Vines came on  Fridays and preached while teachers counseled. As a senior, Danny’s home church was New Harmony Baptist. He preached his first revival here where his dad got saved.

Danny and his wife, Rebecca, met when she was a senior in high school and he worked for the funeral home. Danny lead Rebecca to Christ while they were dating, and they married in 1968. It was a year later when their son Chad was born and Danny announced that God was calling him to preach.

They first pastored Providence Baptist Church in Tallapoosa, Georgia, where their twin girls, Scarlett and Shonna, were born. God later called them to Spring Place Baptist in Chatsworth. God blessed the Spring Place Baptist with wonderful growth, and they built a new sanctuary and educational space.

Ten years later, God called Danny and Rebecca to Beulah Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia, where they built a new education building and a family life center. All the while Danny was very involved with the Georgia Baptist Convention (GBC).  He played an instrumental part in bringing the organization back to more conservative views.

During his tenure at the GBC, Danny was chairman of the Administrative Committee, Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee.  He later served as chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Order of Business Committee when he invited President George Bush to Speak at the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Danny loved to make people laugh and was up for a good joke to play on his friends. He always told us “I don’t endure my salvation I enjoy it.” He never compromised the word or the things of God. He had a holy boldness like no one I have ever seen. Not only did God call Danny but He called me to go along beside him. God has carried us on quite a journey for Him. God likes using ordinary people to do extra ordinary task for His Glory. And that was just who we are. No pretense just to be willing to where He called us loving people. Why did Danny have to leave and go to his eternal home? I don’t know, but I do know God used him in a miraculous way, not because he was so great, but that he had a burning desire to preach the truth without apology. He wanted our children and grandchildren and anyone who knew him to know just how great our God is. Our grandchildren Brianna Rackley, Watters Rackey and Whitner Privette knew just how much their Pop loved them and he was aways teaching them about the things of God. His legacy of faithfulness goes on in our hearts and lives. You see these things here are just earthly. He told us if his suffering and death led someone to salvation it would be worth it. He keep reminding our children not to grieve as those who have no hope. Where Danny laid up his treasure was in heaven which is the eternal home of the saints of God. I have always heard of dying grace, but our family got to experience dying grace in Danny’s life personally. He gave us peace that passes all understanding. As hundreds of people came to see him in the hospital it was evident the investment Danny made in their lives. It was such a blessing that there was a constant stream of people who came to thank him for caring about them. His last words were before he was transported to heaven by the Angels he saw in his room was “Glory to God.” He was found worthy.”

— Rebecca Watters, beloved wife of Danny E. Watters

“I boldly proclaim that I love my friend Danny Watters and miss him greatly. He was a friend to preachers. When I think of Danny my mind quickly expands with many precious memories of this choice servant of God. The late night call just to encourage when he knew you were hurting and needed to hear a friend’s voice. The numerous pranks he would play on those he loved. The strategic times he would call and say meet me for lunch and we just enjoyed the fellowship. The times he would just say, “Let’s pray about this!” and then he would pray. His laughter could lift you from discouragement and his tears would always remind you he was walking beside you. We are told a man is blessed if he gets to the end of life and can say he had a true friend he could count on. Well, many Georgia Baptist preachers can say they had a true friend in Danny Watters. He was a friend of preachers!”

— Dr. Frank Cox, senior pastor of North Metro Baptist Church Lawrenceville, GA