From the TMC Archives
by Edna Holcomb

The following article was first published in Impact, a newsletter of Truett-McConnell College, in the Summer 1972 issue and is reprinted here, with some edits, to show that some things never change….

Truett-McConnell College is SACS accredited, and is a Georgia Baptist Convention college. It is located at Cleveland, Georgia, in the very midst of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has a campus of more than 200 acres and ample facilities for administration, classrooms, dormitories, student activities, and athletics.
Truett-McConnell College is student-oriented. While it recognizes the importance of buildings, endowment, administrative staff, faculty, and curriculum, none of these is its primary concern. More important than any of these—or all of these—is the well-being of the student.

Consequently the president, the faculty, the curriculum, and the total program of Truett-McConnell College are dedicated to the training of the individual students, to the end that their mental processes may become efficient, their moral character sturdy, and their powers so developed as to enable them to realize their utmost physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential and to become resourceful and useful members of society.

The dormitories are so administered as to make them a “home away from home” for the student. The spirit of the school banishes the strangeness and unfamiliarity of college life which the freshman often experiences in larger and more impersonal institutions. In a very real sense Truett-McConnell College is not an “institution.” It is a friendly, heart-warming experience of congenial companions on an exciting educational adventure.

The transition from high school to college is a traumatic experience for some freshmen. The old campus, which the student could almost traverse blindfolded, is replaced by one of unfamiliar paths and complex buildings. The places of well-known principal and teachers are taken by a scarcely-known, seldom-seen president and strange professors. The study habits of high school have been replaced by those more rigorous and demanding.

Truett-McConnell College is dedicated to the purpose of “cushioning the shock” of entering college as much as possible. This does not mean that TMC does not put appropriate pressure upon the students to succeed and try to inspire them to achieve the best of which they are capable. Truett-McConnell may be hard-headed, but it is soft-hearted.

Consequently, if a student becomes emotionally drained, wise and sympathetic counseling is made available to him. If he is withdrawn and lonely, an attempt is made to draw him out of his self-absorption. If students have trouble with one classes, capable tutoring to help them over the rough spots is supplied without cost. If a student comes face-to-face with lack of finances, a possible avenue of financial help is made available.

At Truett-McConnell—in the spirit of George W. Truett and Fernando McConnell and their Master, Jesus Christ—the student comes first. Can you think of a better school to recommend to your son or daughter, grandchild, neighbor or friend?


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