CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMNews) – Originally from Butler, Ga., Senior Nikki Cross is a World Missions major with a huge heart. Anyone who talks with her will immediately feel the joy which radiates from her person. When asked what her favorite thing was, Cross responded: “Singing and making people laugh!”

Throughout her experience at Truett-McConnell College, she has made lifelong friends and been a part of many ministry opportunities. As she moves on to the next phase of life, the most important part of her journey will be her relationship with Christ. In her words, “All I need to do is walk, He will lead.”


What has been your favorite memory from your time at Truett-McConnell?

“Man, there are so many! But, I would say that my favorite memory has been traveling with the worship team, 3:16. It’s an awesome thing to worship with your friends and also lead people in their personal worship. When I see others worshiping God with their eyes closed, or hands raised high, it makes me smile. Not everyone gets to experience that. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to worship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so thankful to Mr. Dennis Allen for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Favorite Professor at TMC?

“Well, I have taken some great classes with awesome professors, but I would have to say Dr. Pruitt is one of my favorites. He has been my advisor for the past five years while being at Truett, and I have had the privilege to travel to three different countries with him and Mrs. Pruitt on my capstone trip. Listening to his experiences and the way he views other cultures and the people just makes me want to be a missionary. I am so blessed to have been under his teaching.”

Who is one of your heroes and why?

“My hero is my mother, Mindy Sampson. She is one of the strongest people I know. She is constantly encouraging me and telling me how proud she is of me! My mom has worked so hard to help me live my dreams and to experience all the amazing countries I have seen so far. My mom deserves the biggest thank you!”

Anything that God has specifically been teaching you recently?

“This is a great question! God, has been teaching me patience and to remind myself that he is always faithful. Especially with graduation coming up and making future plans, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and scared, but God is showing me that He has everything under control. All I need to do is walk and He will lead.”

Favorite Bible verse?

“My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11, ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,’ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I love this verse because God does have a plan for my life. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but even through those hard times God is still looking out for my well-being.”

Favorite thing about TMC?

“I love the atmosphere and just how close everyone is. The professors invest in my life and help me to practice what I am learning in the classroom by applying the information to my everyday life which in turn will prepare me for ministry. The friends I have made at Truett have been a huge blessing to me.”

What are you plans after college?

“I will be attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas in the fall! I’ll be getting a Masters in Biblical Counseling while doing my mission classes on the side. I am beyond excited and I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in my life while I’m there. Did I mention it’s thirteen hours away? Texas here I come!”

Cross’s journey here at Truett-McConnell, has been full of adventure and growth. As she prepares for her next chapter in Texas, she shares that Jeremiah 29:11 has helped her focus on the path that God has already laid out. Cross reminds us, “It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but through those hard times God is still looking out for our well-being.”


Abigail is a freshman Middle Grades Education major and freelance writer for TMC.

Photo/Adam Roark

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