by Bailey Jarnagin

CLEVELAND, Ga (TMNews) – After realizing he was going through the motions of his Christian walk, Fletcher Humphrey, a TMC sophomore, made a decision during spiritual emphasis week with evangelist Tony Nolan that changed the course of his entire time at Truett-McConnell. “I couldn’t live without hope any longer,” Humphrey said.

Breaking free from addiction

Admitting his fall into temptation, Humphrey realizes his actions were an attempt to gain a sense of fulfillment. Growing up, Humphrey claimed to know Christ as he went through life actively involved in his church youth group and in his private Christian school but he knows now that he was lost. “I had a hurt in my heart and it led to an addiction to sin that consumed my whole life,” Humphrey said.

During TMC’s spiritual emphasis week, while listening to Nolan preach, Humphrey came to a life-changing conclusion: “I finally understood my sin wouldn’t satisfy and I was a truly miserable slave…and God still wanted me. I realized that, repented and accepted Him, and I’ve been sold out for my Redeemer ever since.”

God’s call to Truett

Humphrey immediately felt called to Truett-McConnell when he toured campus. “It just felt like the only place for me,” he recalled. “I wanted to know more about God. I desired to truly know Him. I knew Truett would be a place to help me with that.”

Humphrey chose to major in Christian Studies with a focus in missions because of his desire to work in youth ministry. From the beginning of his college career at TMC, he was captivated by the students, staff, and surrounding area. “I’ve fallen in love with this place,” Humphrey shared, “and God has burdened my heart for it.”

While making TMC’s campus his home, Humphrey has involved himself in countless campus activities, including using his musical talents to help DJ at campus events.

“There are super cool student events throughout the year, like the homecoming bonfire, which is a personal favorite of mine,” Humphrey said. “I’ve also loved being a part of Worship at the Cross and Cover Truett [in prayer] because it is when I have gotten to see students mobilize to be serious about their Savior and their campus.”

A true impact

There are a number of people at Truett-McConnell who serve as a great encouragement to Humphrey, one being Campus Minister Keith Wade. “Keith is a huge impact on my life. He believes in me and my drive for missions,” Humphrey said. “One of my favorite things to do is go to the hostile on Blood Mountain with Keith and feed hikers along the Appalachian Trail. I love hearing about their stories before the trail and the adventures they have had along the way.”

Humphrey’s also influenced by the tutelage of Garrison Hall Resident Director, Rik Cramer. “He has challenged me to really take a hold of my faith in God and be excited when I talk with God or about God.”

During Humphrey’s time at Truett-McConnell, God has solidified that Humphrey is where God wants him and confirmed his belief that God is constantly at work at the Baptist College. “This place will help you grow like never before if you’ll only let God work through you,” Humphrey said. “Be open to God and His call on your life; be still and He will guide you. Be bold and do things you have never experienced before because this is not your regular college. If you want to grow and be with a family of believers who will encourage and push you,” Humphrey concluded, “do yourself a favor and come to Truett.”


Bailey is a senior English major and a freelance writer for TMC.

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