by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) – Kim Gordon, Truett-McConnell College alum and an Admissions Representative, thought nursing would be her career as a young girl. After realizing needles were not going to be easy to handle, God eventually brought Gordon back to TMC to welcome high school graduates as they enter the college life.

Growing up in small town Rabun County, Gordon realized she had a talent for music and decided to follow that passion: “I hadn’t even planned on going to college,” Gordon shared. “At a Youth Evangelism Conference my youth minister introduced me to Andrew Gailey which got the ball rolling.”

Life as a college student

As a freshman Music major with a concentration in Church Music, Gordon got plugged in after arriving to TMC. “Dorm life was a blast,” Gordon said. I loved my time in Otwell. The camaraderie with the other girls and of course the silly moments we had.”

Reminiscing on her dorm memories she laughed and added: “We definitely got a kick out of the shower singers.”

Eventually Gordon became a part of the Baptist College Ministry, residence life staff and the TMC chorale.

As a Music major, Gordon shared how the department head, Dr. Greg Woodward, taught her much of what she knows today: “He pushed us hard and although it was difficult at times, we learned so much about ourselves. He really showed us how much hard work pays off.”

The road back to TMC

After graduation, Gordon began teaching. However, God had other plans for her future. Through word from a friend, Gordon heard of an opening in the Truett-McConnell Office of Admissions and interviewed for the position.

She was hired for the job but with all of the changes taking place, leaving her previous job and church, Gordon began to go through spiritual warfare. “The first year, I walked around in a daze” Gordon said. New job, new transitions, it was a bit difficult.”

Despite her feelings at the time, Gordon put her trust in the Lord and He began to make a big change in her life. “The Lord surrounded me with awesome people who were an encouragement to me. I am so thankful to be on the upside.”

True impact

Working in the Office of Admissions, Gordon is able to connect with prospective students as they prepare for the same transition in life she once went through. “I have more of a voice for perspective students as they come to TMC,” she shared. I had a great experience so obviously I am passionate about it.”

When asked why Truett-McConnell is still so close to her heart, she shared: “I have been encouraged by professors, staff and even students. I have made life-long friendships from my years at Truett.”

Gordon is excited for what the future holds at TMC. She continues to provide an open door for those who hope to make TMC their future home. The one thing she looks forward to sharing with those students is how proud she is to be a part of a school “that continues to be biblically centered with a president who has passion for the Lord.”


Jenny is the Content Manager for TMC.

Photo/Jenny Gregory

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