by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) – Freshman Psychology major, Cecelia Purvis, began her college career as a Business Major before realizing God had other plans for her life. “God was telling me that I was not in the right place,” Purvis shared. “I kept hearing and seeing things about Truett, so I thought I’d fill out the application and give it a shot.”

Making lifelong friendships

In her short time at TMC, this Nicholson, Ga. native has already made lasting friendships which have impacted her life. Fellow TMC students, Chelsea Mann and Sarah Fitzsimons, have been an encouragement to Purvis on a daily basis.

“They have helped me through rough times,” Purvis said, “and have encouraged me in my walk with Christ, while constantly reminding me to always go to Christ before anyone else.”

Living on campus has been a new experience for Purvis. The Otwell resident says she’s excited to “live with such amazing girls.” Whether she’s had a long day on campus or just needs someone to talk to, Purvis can always count on her roommates to be there for her.

While Purvis does get homesick at times, she is fortunate to live close enough to home in order to meet her parents for dinner when she longs for family time.

Getting involved on campus

For many, Truett-McConnell is a place where you can learn more about yourself, make lasting friendships, and grow in your walk with Christ. For Purvis, it’s been just that. She participates in a weekly Bible study in her dorm and joined TMC’s Lacrosse team. “God has worked through me by allowing me to share my testimony with many girls here on campus,” Purvis said.

When asked what her favorite event has been, Purvis shared: “I really enjoyed the underground church game. Although I lost miserably, it was fun to get out and play a game campus-wide!”

She looks forward to the many hall programs and events which she’ll be able to get involved in over the next few years at TMC.

Purvis shared how she also enjoys eating breakfast at Glenda’s, a local Cleveland restaurant, and climbing Mount Yonah. Purvis explained, “it’s a bit of a struggle, but it’s worth it!”

She is thankful for those who’ve been a part of her life and her journey to TMC but Purvis shared how she is most grateful for her relationship with her parents: “They have helped me do whatever it took to get me here where God wants me and they encourage me through constant love and prayer.”

After graduation, Purvis hopes to continue pursuing her passion by working with and counseling young children.


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Photo/Adam Roark

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