by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga.,(TMNews) – Alyssa Roberson is a High School junior from Jefferson, Ga. In an interview with TMNews, Roberson shares why she decided to enroll in the ACCEL program at Truett-McConnell, what led her to the school, and what her goals are after completing high school.

Roberson is not only busy fulfilling her high school studies in her daily homeschool schedule; she is also trying to get her foot in the door as a future college student. Truett-McConnell offers many different options for students who want to pursue a college degree. For Alyssa, an 11th grader, the ACCEL program has been perfect for her needs as a transitioning high school student. The ACCEL program allows current high schoolers the opportunity to earn credits online to prepare them for college.

“Enrolling in the ACCEL program is a great way to save time [and money] by getting a jump on some core classes,” Roberson said. The ease of enrolling into the program at TMC made it that much more appealing, she added. Roberson said the ability to take classes online is perfect for students who are not local and have schedules that don’t allow them to participate in the program otherwise.

When asked about dual enrollment Roberson shared, “It’s a great way to start out, and TMC has great instructors that really try to help you learn and adjust. I like knowing that I am making good use of my time.”

The program has also helped her prepare for what college is going to be like after graduation. After completing classes like Latin and World History, Roberson has learned college will keep her books open a little while longer and add a few extra hours of studying to her normal routine.

While adjusting to college is a transition for anyone, Roberson shared how she’s been able to adjust to college life: “I’ve learned to be more independent with studying, and it has been a great challenge to adjust to the [ACCEL] online format…it challenges me to be more personally disciplined.”

When she isn’t studying, Roberson enjoys playing the violin and has a passion for writing books. She also enjoys working with young children and is a part of the Maysville Baptist Church youth group where her dad is the Senior Pastor. When she officially enrolls as a college freshman, Roberson plans to pursue Early Childhood Education or perhaps major in English. Although undecided on her major, she plans on followowing wherever the Lord leads her.


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