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Masks: Masks are not required in many areas of campus. However, students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks in any setting in which they are with other people and social distancing is not possible. Masks are required for those attending events in our larger, private venues, including the SWC (Chapel services, sporting events, etc.), Odell Hall (Sanctuary), Sewell-Plunket Hall (recitals, other performances, etc.), and the Volleyball & Wrestling Arena (sporting and other events, etc.). Masks are required for students in all classrooms, where social distancing is not possible. Those students who have asthma, or other respiratory-type conditions, are excused from this mask requirement policy. In addition, due to some of our high-risk faculty members, certain seating areas in the classrooms may require students to wear masks. That information will be included in each course syllabus. Students will need to comply with the requirement according to a particular faculty member’s syllabus. We recommend that students carry a mask on their person at all times, because it may be needed from time to time. Disposable masks will be available for purchase in The Outpost Campus Store for $1.00. All are advised to bring his or her own mask to campus, to suit their preferences in style, type, and comfort. 

Cleaning/Sanitizing: TMU’s custodial department cleans and sanitizes buildings and gathering locations thoroughly each day. In addition, every classroom and gathering space will be equipped with disinfecting spray and wipes, where employees will be disinfecting workspaces before each use. Sanitization of all classrooms will occur between all class meeting times. TMU’s custodial staff performs focused sanitization using an electrostatic sprayer, with hospital-grade disinfectant, in dorm rooms where students live, who left campus for COVID-19 related symptoms and/or testing. The cleaning of a specific student’s personal effects will be the responsibility of that student. 

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