Last Saturday, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers from the community and local churches welcomed approximately 300 new students to the campus of Truett McConnell University (TMU), which will bring total enrollment (including dual enrollment, undergraduate, and graduate students) to a projected 2,900 students.

Parents, siblings, and new students began their day in the Nix Student Center, where they were greeted by staff from admissions, financial aid, and other administrative areas, before heading to their assigned dorm rooms to moving into their new living spaces.

The welcome continued in the afternoon where everyone congregated in the George Blaurock Student Wellness Center to hear more about the individual attention that students would receive at TMU as well as reassurance to parents that their students were in good hands.

All were invited to attend the President’s Annual Barbeque on the front lawn, where they enjoyed a delicious meal catered by MMI, TMU’s dining services contractor, before heading to the front welcome sign for the traditional class photo.

Parents and siblings gave tight hugs as they said their goodbyes and watched the freshman class gather for freshmen orientation.

Move In Day is an important day for students, families, as well as the institution. It is also an opportunity for new students to experience not only the family atmosphere of TMU but also the kindness and generosity of the community. Several local churches provided food, cold water, and a helping hand.

TMU’S President Dr. Emir Caner was present to greet the new students. “We are thrilled so many people have chosen the campus of TMU as their home,” he said. “We’re excited for what God has in store for their lives and the lifelong friends they are going to make.”

TMU is anticipating the Class of 2022 to be the largest incoming freshman class since offering four-year degrees. Fall semester classes began on August 15.

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