Truett-McConnell Sees Largest Expansion in Forty Years

Cleveland, GA (October 7, 2010)-Truett-McConnell College has the pleasure to announce the largest expansion ever seen on its campus. The board of trustee has approved additions to the Miller Building and Dining Hall in addition to the construction of a brand new residence hall.

According to the trustees’ wishes, Truett-McConnell College will hire architectural firm Design Development to design three building projects on the college’s 246 acre campus. Focus Design Builders is the general contractor of the projects.

Pastor John Yarbrough, chairman of trustee, alumnus, and local pastor, is excited about this new expansion and is anticipating the future of Truett-McConnell.

Truett-McConnell has made a great turn around.  Three years ago many were wondering about the viability of Truett-McConnell.  Now, the challenge is keeping up with the growth” Yarbrough states.

The Miller Building will be expanded into a three story building which will contain the Creation Research Center, World Mission Center, six classrooms, 106 seat auditorium, a student lounge, food retail and two laboratories. As for the dining hall, the seating capacity will double from 220 to 450 and it will also include a 210 seat banquet hall allowing the community to host events on the campus. The new residence hall will be a three story dormitory hosting approximately 173 beds.

In reference to this expansion, Mr. David Armstrong, vice president for business administration, exclaims

Truett-McConnell has reached a point where we must make a decision toward educational and residential growth. The trustees have answered this clarion call regarding our future.”

Dr. Emir Caner, president, is grateful for the direction God is leading Truett McConnell College.

“What the Lord is doing at Truett-McConnell is nothing short of a miracle. And, thus, only He can receive the glory for the exponential increase in enrollment, the growing passion of our students to share and defend their faith, and, consequently, the first substantial building program in more than four decades” Dr. Caner states.

Details on when construction will start are still pending, but these buildings are the first priority on Truett-McConnell’s plans to expand its campus in light of a growing student body and faculty. Truett-McConnell is excited about this new expansion and thankful that God is continuing to bless the campus despite these tough economic times.

 The mission of Truett-McConnell College is to equip students to make a positive impact for Christ through disciplined scholarship and Christian discipleship. For more information about Truett-McConnell College call 706-865-2134 or visit us online at

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