Truett-McConnell receives endowment

By Scott Sienkiewicz

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews) — Members of the Benjamin F. Brady Charitable Foundation visited Truett-McConnell College’s campus Sept. 14 with regard to their recent $50,000 endowment that will help offset costs associated with an extensive building project at the Cleveland, Ga., school.TMC President Emir Caner (left) shares with members of the Benjamin F. Brady Charitable Foundation information about Outtakes. Built as part of TMC’s renovations, Outtakes sells sandwiches and light snacks as well as Starbuck’s coffee. Members of the foundation are (left to right) Ron Pilcher, Phil Bettis, and Eric Chofnas.
Photo by Scott Sienkiewicz

Phil Bettis, Eric Chofnas, and Ron Pilcher from the foundation, along with President Emir Caner and members of the college’s cabinet toured TMC’s newly expanded buildings.

“It was great to give these men the opportunity to see their gift reflected in the new buildings,” said Vice President for Institutional Advancement Daniel Moosbrugger.

“Our foundation has a heart for Georgia Baptist Convention colleges,” Bettis said. “There is such an excitement here, and a positive development with the building programs and the missions programs. It’s been fascinating to see what can happen in such a short time.”

“For most institutions, today’s age of economic downturn has severely impacted their ability to raise funds that will benefit the education of their students,” Caner told TMCNews.

“That, too, would be the case at Truett-McConnell if it were not for God’s faithfulness through men and women of God, who sacrifice so much in order that His Kingdom will be expanded and His people will be equipped,” Caner added.

“The Brady Foundation stands as a premiere example of sacrificial generosity. Their love for Christian education and its biblical paradigm provides schools like TMC the ability to bless students with new facilities and scholarships,” Caner continued. “We are forever grateful for godly foundations such as this one.”

Though the new and expanded facilities have functioned for weeks, an Oct. 27 ribbon cutting ceremony will officially open the completed construction projects.




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