On March 1st, Truett McConnell University (TMU) launched a robust writing support tool that embodies the current core values of TutorMe, a free tutoring service for students.

“Just like our 24/7 synchronous tutoring, the writing lab will be supported by our network of over 10,000 trained and highly qualified tutors,” said Amy Hayes, Director of Online Learning.

Previously, students had one option allowing them to connect with a matched online tutor to best suit their educational needs. With the additional writing lab, students will have two options in the TutorMe Lab: “Connect with a Live Tutor” and “Get Writing Help.”

The new writing lab will allow students to submit a paper for asynchronous feedback which is returned to students in less than 12 hours.

TutorMe was implemented into the TMU online classroom in the Fall of 2018. “We like the personalization, the user-friendly interface, and the option for students to use the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 300 different subjects,” said Hayes. “It has been very successful, and we have seen consistent usage over the past year and a half.”

Hayes shared that all enrolled TMU students have free access to the TutorMe services in the online classroom. “It’s easily accessible. Students simply log into online.truett.edu and click the blue TutorMe logo on the right-hand side of the page. Students will then have the option to “Connect with a Live Tutor” and “Get Writing Help.”

Hayes encouraged students to take advantage of the services: “This is a great opportunity for TMU students. TutorMe provides up to five hours per week of free online tutoring and writing assistance, convenient to their schedule.”

For further information regarding the TutorMe service, email Amy Hayes at ahayes@truett.edu.


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Truett McConell University.

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