by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga.,— “We’re celebrating our 70th anniversary as an institution,” said Dr. John Yarbrough, Director of Public Policy and Alumni Relations, as he opened the bi-annual Board of Trustees meeting on March 18, 2016.

“It’s a good time to remember and do a check-up.” Reading from Revelation 2, Yarbrough stated that with this epic milestone, it is time for us to “check our heart as an institution.”

With the many monumental changes on and off campus, Yarbrough stated we need to “remember, repent and return.”

Four years of academic and personal growth

Trustees hear from the heart of Truett-McConnell College (TMC) senior, Bailey Jarnagin, how God is using Truett-McConnell to equip her for His call.

Bailey, an English major and resident assistant (RA) at TMC, shared her testimony on how God led her to TMC and how the college has impacted her life the last four years.

“I knew I wanted to go to Truett my sophomore year in high school.” While spending her summers at cheer camp on the TMC campus, Jarnagin fell in love with the college. She later applied and was accepted into the English program where she made countless relationships with students, faculty and staff.

“There’s such a sense of family here,” Jarnagin explained.

As an RA over the past two years, Jarnagin has learned to mediate conflicts, share advice, offer prayer and support to those in need, teach God’s word through Bible studies and create a sense of family with one another.

Jarnagin also expressed her gratitude for the professors that prepared her both academically and spiritually, the mission opportunities that have impacted her life and the college family atmosphere that she will carry with her throughout life.

“There is so much that Truett has offered me that has allowed me to accomplish what I desire to accomplish,” Jarnagin said.  Bailey has accepted a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at a major university.

An exciting future

The board was made aware of a new hire, head Volleyball Coach and Assistant Professor of Business, Ms. LaKisya Killingsworth.

Vice President of Student Services and Athletics, Mr. Chris Eppling, voiced his excitement on the new hire stating “she’s got a passion for winning but even beyond that, she has a passion for training young ladies to be godly ladies.”

Dr. Emir Caner, president of Truett-McConnell, said this year’s graduating class would be the largest in Truett-McConnell’s history, with 136 graduates.

Caner noted the ceremony will be held on May 14, which also marks the day TMC officially becomes Truett McConnell University.

Other areas of growth at Truett-McConnell include: the possibility of additional master’s degree programs; renovation of the historical fountain; purchase and use of the Cleveland Worship Center to open in the fall as the Division of Education; and the Student Wellness Center scheduled to open its doors in January 2017.


Story/Jenny Gregory, TMC Content Manager

Photo/Adam Roark, TMC Design Manager

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