Cleveland, GA (May 04, 2011) – Truett-McConnell College professor, Dr. T. Mike Davis, has been appointed as the new senior pastor of Cleveland First Baptist Church. Davis has served as the interim pastor in the church since September 2010. The professor will be leaving the college to serve in this position full time, and TMC would like to extend gratitude to Davis for his dedication to the college.

“Dr. Davis is leaving the second most important calling in life to pursue the most important calling in life,” said Dr. Brad Reynolds, vice president for academic services.

Davis began serving at Truett in May of 2007. He has been a key part of the campus working with students in various areas such as math review, calculus, and physical science. Always willing to help when needed, Davis has also been a BCM faculty advisor, an athletic faculty representative, a QEP Director, a score keeper at the basketball games, and a bus driver for athletics. In addition, the professor is also the creator of “Pi Day”—an event hosted on March 14, that is 3.14, the first three digits of Pi, which is equal to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. On this day, faculty and staff bring their favorite pie in celebration.

Truett-McConnell College wishes Dr. Davis and his wife, Joy, all the best as they embark on this next chapter of their life. The college will continuously pray for them as they serve at Cleveland First Baptist Church.

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