by Norm Miller

Some grandchildren have no recall of a rotary phone. Some don’t remember a touchtone phone. However, some grandparents may recollect when a phone could be used for fishing.


The onset of the digital age overshadows distant memories while it creates new ones. Whereas being “connected” once meant the car’s jumper cables were ready or that the vacuum was plugged in, today, being connected means something else: Web access.

Even those who remember the hand crank telephone can feel lost without a smart phone nearby and the invisible signal that connects the phone’s owner with all things digital.

Among the many aspects of modern technology, connecting to the Internet wirelessly offers many advantages. That’s why Truett-McConnell College’s proposed student recreation center features Wi-Fi access.

For the student who may need to email Mom and Dad, or the jogger who wants to calculate how many calories are burned while running a mile, the George Blaurock Student Recreation Center, or the “Rock,” will enable its visitors to stay connected to whatever is important, interesting, or just plain fun.

Visiting the Rock will offer visitors many other connections. Some will connect with racquetballs, some with basketballs, some with friends doing water aerobics, and some will connect with that person in their head yelling, “Please stop! You can’t do another set of arm curl reps!”

Leaders at TMC hope the Rock will connect with the college’s neighbors through a planned membership program.

The most important connection of all, however, relates the Lord Jesus Christ. Hundreds of TMC students do that every week in self-directed Bible study groups. The Rock’s lounge areas are destined to become sites where students will explore the Bible together.

Even more significant than Bible study, however, is the connection the Rock’s visitors can make with Jesus Christ, personally. Connecting wirelessly to the Web requires a modem. But connecting with Jesus simply requires the motivation to do so. And for anyone who never has connected with Jesus, the students and leaders of Truett-McConnell College will be right there, ready to talk and pray with anyone seeking a personal relationship with Jesus.

That’s why the rec center is named for a 16th century evangelist. Blaurock died for what he believed about Jesus Christ and the Word of God. The same motivation that drove Blaurock is still alive as Truett-McConnell College wants to share the Rock of Ages with those who never have connected with Him.

Get connected – with Jesus.


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