The Director of Student Success position is getting a refresh along with a familiar face. Andrew Gailey, former Truett McConnell University (TMU) Director of Admissions, began early July as the Director of Student Success for the university.

For many years, Gailey has been a part of helping students find their place within the school. Now, he plans on helping them succeed during their time at TMU and upon graduation.

“The goal of this position,” said Gailey, “is to help students thrive academically and, ultimately, graduate from TMU. We will do this by providing resources and accountability, allowing the student to be as successful as possible—both in and out of the classroom.”

The key to the success of this new position is communication. Gailey says he wants students to contact him with any questions they may have. “I will also be setting up meetings with students so they know who I am, what I do, and how I can help them,” he said.

“Andrew will be an outstanding fit for our Director of Student success position for two primary reasons: he loves Jesus, and he loves students,” said Chris Eppling, Vice President for Student Services. “His heart for, and expertise working with students, has been demonstrated in his work previously here at TMU. This position will enable him to help those students, some of whom he admitted while he was director of admissions, to “finish the race” of college and achieve their God-given potential.
“I could not be more thrilled to have Andrew back on our team!” said Eppling.

As Gailey prepares for the new semester, he adds, “I am looking forward to meeting and helping the students; I want to see them succeed!”


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for Truett McConnell University.

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