by Jenny Gregory, Content Manager of TMU

CLEVELAND, Ga. – Truett McConnell University is excited to share its recent partnership with Fox News host Todd Starnes to promote the university nationally on radio commentary, internet and social media outlets.

A generous donor and supporter of the university recommended and funded the partnership to facilitate promoting the university’s advancement to a broader audience.

“We really bonded,” Starnes said as he shared his enthusiasm about the partnership in a recent live announcement.

“[TMU] is one of the great universities in our country. These folks are staying true to the Word,” Starnes said.

Starnes has been a guest speaker at TMU for the Ray Newman Ethics and Religious Liberty Lecture Series for the past two years. His commentaries and reporting on religious liberty issues makes this a great match to communicate with audiences that share Truett McConnell’s biblical values.

Truett McConnell University’s President, Dr. Emir Caner, shared: “It is an honor to partner with someone whose values and beliefs closely reflect our own. God has raised up Todd Starnes to be a voice in the wilderness, to speak on behalf of those who hold to the Lordship of Christ and the sufficiency of Scripture.”

“As such” Caner continued, “we joyfully walk beside and stand with Todd as he gives a voice to a new generation of believers who are willing to speak truth into a culture so quickly driving down paganism’s path.”

The Fox News host can be heard on hundreds of radio stations nationally. He is a columnist for and appears regularly on the Fox News Channel. Starnes is the author of three books including “God Less America” and has been awarded the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, Mark Twain Award and Directors Award.

His southern sense of humor and Southern Baptist roots have made him a sought after speaker across the country from the Billy Graham Library and the Value Voter Summit, to the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention.

“It is our hope” Caner added, “that those who hold to such truths will know that they have a University in the mountains of North Georgia who will stand on biblical principles and will invest in a generation who desires to see a revival in our country.”


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