by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga. – Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Division of Nursing recently received full accreditation for its nursing program from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Celeste Dunnington, RN, MSN, and Chair of TMU’s Division of Nursing celebrated the approval by stating: “CCNE accreditation signifies our program is a nationally accredited program, opens opportunities for our graduates, and affirms our mission here in the Division of Nursing.”

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, CCNE is a national accreditation agency that ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate, and residency programs in nursing. CCNE also supports and encourages continuing self-assessment by nursing programs and supports continuing growth and improvement of collegiate professional education and nurse residency programs.

“This achievement has been a team effort and words cannot begin to express the Division of Nursing and my gratitude to all of those who have assisted,” Dunnington expressed.

“This national accreditation for our nursing program opens even more doors for even more students and evidences, again, the blessings of God on TMU,” said Dr. Brad Reynolds, TMU Vice President for Academic Services. “We are especially grateful for the countless hours our nursing faculty and staff put into this labor of love.”

The Truett McConnell nursing program continues to expand and better train students who want to make an impact in the field of healthcare. For Dunnington, the additional accreditation will help bring in more faculty and prospective students to the campus.

“Students looking at TMU and nursing always ask the question, ‘Is this a nationally accredited program?’ and now we can say ‘yes’,” Dunnington boasted.

Dunnington, who is pursuing her doctoral degree, also explained the CCNE approval will benefit Truett McConnell nursing students since “some institutions require applicants to be graduates of a nationally accredited nursing program” to be admitted into graduate programs. “Our students can now be proud of this achievement and apply for graduate programs or even facilities requiring a national accreditation.”

In addition to the CCNE accreditation, the TMU Division of Nursing received a grant which funded a new female simulation mannequin and will help furnish the future expansion of lab space. These advancements will provide excellent training and knowledge for students preparing to enter the nursing field.

“If one desires to gain a nursing degree from an institution whose mission is to equip students to fulfill the Great Commission (at home or abroad), while fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically centered education, then TMU is the place,” Reynolds said.

“Personally,” expressed Dunnington, “I am overwhelmed by the affirmation of our program’s mission of preparing competent professional nurses to integrate Christian faith and values with compassionate care to fulfill the ministry of the Great Commission.

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Jenny Gregory is the Content Manager for Truett McConnell University

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