The Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF) recently presented Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Director of Financial Development, Dr. Gary Jarnagin, with a $100,000 grant to purchase equipment for The Martha Rielin and Elizabeth Salmen School of Nursing Virtual Hospital Project.

The grant was awarded at the 15th annual award luncheon held to celebrate those ministries throughout the state which have demonstrated effective and efficient direct health care services to their local communities.

“The Virtual Hospital Project for The Martha Rielin and Elizabeth Salmen School of Nursing will purchase an array of cutting-edge patient care equipment,” Jarnagin explained, “to enhance, supplement, and expand the training capabilities and learning experience for all student-nurses.”

Jarnagin explained how this project will enable student-nurses to “learn from scripts, written by expert practitioners in various fields, to affirm the accuracy of nursing care and promote a better learning experience, in a safe environment.”

The GBHCMF invested over $4 million this year alone, in community organizations that provide or strength health care. GBHCMF carefully considers its mission of “hands-on” health care when investing in community programs and remains committed to the ideal of Christian service to those living in Georgia.

Dr. Emir Caner, President of TMU stated, “We thank the GBHCMF for believing in us and our mission. I cannot be more thrilled to see this money come at such a crucial time to take our nursing facilities to the next level.”

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(Picture: Far left is Rev. Danny Henson, Chairperson of the GBHCMF Board. Far right is Executive Director/CEO of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Thomas Hammond)

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