Truett McConnell University (TMU) and ACG Solutions have announced a broad scale technology initiative to enhance ongoing campus safety and security program on the university’s campus.

By adopting ACG Solution’s Synchronized Orchestrated Response (SOR™) solution, TMU expects to significantly enhance its emergency preparedness protocols and response time to potential threats.

“Recent nationwide tragedies have demonstrated that the notification timeline and information accuracy provided to law enforcement can make all the difference in preventing injuries and saving lives,” said Dr. Emir Caner, President of Truett McConnell University.

“By partnering with ACG Solutions to further automate our emergency response protocols and adding situational awareness intelligence tools to our first responders,” added Caner, “we are taking an important, proactive step to protect the safety of our students, faculty and staff in light of today’s unfortunate realities.”

The SOR™initiative is highlighted by a substantial and scalable surveillance camera platform, along with a unifying access control platform to establish an intelligent building and campus design. In addition, the deployment enables TMU to leverage its prior investment in security and surveillance technology with additional technologies from ACG Solutions, including:

  • Real-time active shooter alert detection and notification. Patented, tri-factor gunshot detection (percussion, infrared and sound) technology from California-based AmberBox Gunshot Detection to create near instant law enforcement and building security notification of an active shooter. The technology is designed to reduce human error and response time up to 5 minutes.
  • Intelligent situational awareness graphics.Nationally recognized and adopted geospatially accurate graphics from New Jersey-based Critical Response Group, Inc., known as Collaborative Response Graphics®, transform written and text-based emergency operations plans into a gridded overlay that combines high resolution imagery and floor plans together into one map. First responders can access the graphics via their computers or mobile devices, giving multiple agencies both a common communication tool and operating picture.
  • Virtual command center. An essential communication layer that provides first responders with a centralized point of access to all relevant technology and devices. Called SOR™ Command, this component automatically initiates a call to 911 and facilitates conferencing in all relevant parties who are able to assess and visualize the threat via surveillance cameras. The virtual command center brings to life the fulfillment of utilizing technologies and interactive building graphics to improve human response accuracy and timing.

“We are proud that Truett McConnell University has selected ACG Solutions as a strategic partner to help implement its vision for optimal, proactive campus safety and security,” said Laura Faught, President and Chief Operations Officer, ACG Solutions. “Despite rehearsals and plans, too often when a threat is detected, understandable human panic and confusion robs first responders of precious minutes and accurate information.”

“SOR is a timely, optimally engineered solution that assesses each client’s specific needs and then integrates all the security and surveillance technologies to work together. It then brings in the human communication component by establishing a virtual command center to aid responding authorities to mitigate threats quickly and accurately to prevent injury and loss of life.”



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