by Scott Sienkiewicz

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews) — Faculty and students in Truett-McConnell College’s Business Division bought food, gifts, and decorations for a local, needy family. The entire student body had the opportunity to pitch-in, donating money from their already tight budgets.

buisness christmas(Left to Right) Rosser Roberts, Christian Warner, Charissa Veal, and Erica Robinson took to the aisles of Wal-Mart buying gifts for a needy family.

TMC business students stress that Christmas is much more than gifts and decorations; they understand what the season is really about. Business major Rosser Roberts told TMCNews he felt

obligated to help because God “has given me so much as far as my life goes and as far as my salvation goes.”

“I figured if I’m able to [help] then I should. I have that obligation inside me and I want to help people,” Roberts said. “That obligation comes from my faith… and my trust in God.”

Roberts stated that even though dolls or toy trucks seem to have little significance, the lives of the children they helped are exceedingly significant. “Christmas gifts aren’t everything, but we’re making a difference in these kid’s lives. I believe, especially being a Christian school, it’s our job. We are supposed to be servants,” said Roberts, who contends that Truett-McConnell is following the example of Christ in loving and serving all people.

Truett-McConnell business students have shown that they aren’t average, according to Gary Fangmann, assistant professor of business: “In these days of corporate protests, TMC is blessed with business students who demonstrate a balance of future entrepreneur aspirations with a care for those around them. Instead of complaining, they joined the division’s effort to help a family as a part of celebrating the Savior’s birth.”


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